Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote

The polls are showing that the American public blames Republicans more than it blames President Obama for the nation’s problems.

Yet, when citizens went to the only polls that count on Tuesday, they issued a stinging rebuke to the current inhabitant of the White House.

Democrats lost Anthony Weiner’s (previously Chuck Schumer’s) Congressional seat in New York by around 8%. Their candidate in Nevada, running in a toss-up district, got crushed by 22%.

When James Carville looked at the results one word kept popping into his mind: “panic.” It’s time, Carville said, for the White House to panic and to effect a drastic change of course.

Does Obama have it in him? I doubt it. Right now he seems more interested in being loved.

Yesterday Democrat Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood Capital declared: “We elected a community organizer that’s acting like a community organizer.”

Who knew?

For those of us who live in New York, the Congressional race in the 9th District was the most compelling. You have a heavily Democratic district that had not sent a Republican to Congress since 1923.

Moreover, the district contains a large contingentof orthodox Jews. While orthodox Jews tend to be far more conservative than their Reform co-religionists, they still tend to vote Democratic.

After African-Americans, Jewish voters were Obama’s staunchest supporters in 2008. The fact that George Bush was arguably the most pro-Israeli president in American history and that Barack Obama had significant ties to people who were virulent opponents of Israel—think Jeremiah Wright and Rashid Khalidi—did not make very much of an impression in those heady days.

Now, times have changed. While the New York Times and other liberal organs are trying to rationalize the defeat of the Jewish Democrat David Weprin at the hands non-Jewish Republican Bob Turner, Dan Senor has offered an excellent review of the Obama policy toward Israel. Link here.

In truth, no one should have been surprised that Barack Obama, faithful adherent to every trendy leftist belief, should have believed that the fault for all the problems in the Middle East was Israeli intransigence.

That Obama and his administration would have treated the Prime Minister of Israel with disrespect and even contempt should not have shocked anyone.

By now it is clear that Obama’s standing in the Jewish community has seriously declined. He has suffered a severe loss in Jewish financial support.  

Whether other Jewish voters accept that they were duped by Obama in 2008 remains to be seen.


Dennis said...

Robin of Berkeley has another excellent article on this. Says it so much better than I could. Very smart, sharp woman.
The fact is that Obama should not have had the Jewish vote especially given his 20 years spent in a anti- semitic church . Like many I used to wonder how a Hitler could become so powerful with people who are supposed to be so intelligent and "caring." Can anyone not look at union actions, snitch lines, the demonization of those who might challenge, the resort to violence against those who might challenge, the glorification of a very flawed individual, the emphasis on groups instead of the individual, the corruption of "in" vice "out" groups, the attempt to enforce a S.T.F.U policy, the use of the "race card," et al and not see a corollary? The natural consequences of those same actions.
What could be more of a sign of a descent into the ugliness of hate than watching school children being taught to sing about the glorious Obama? The next time anyone starts taking about how the Germans could kill six million Jews they need to take a look around themselves at the very same ideas taking place here. Does anyone think that Bill Ayres, George Soros or many of those on the Left would not resort to removing those who could be a challenge?

Dennis said...

It is interesting the words people use that demonstrate their true intent. To watch Obama speak to a crowd and say something like "if you " LOVE," and the use of the word LOVE should set off alarm bells ringing to any person with even a slight understanding of history, "me you will do ................" If that is not the definition of the "Cult personality" then what is?
The idea that the Obama administration is going to "Crush" opposition to his so called "Jobs bill" is instructive. The words being used should horrify anyone who is conversant with the tenets of a free country and a free people.
It is not the language meant to sway, but to dictate. How many Freudian Slips do people have to see in order to ask, "Who do these people think they are and why am I allowing them to make me into something other that a citizen?"
I am sorry if I seem some what melodramatic, but one cannot watch all the pieces fall into place without some trepidation that the American people are falling into a political disaster through just not paying attention.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Obama's asking for love was spontaneous and freaky. Maybe it shows why he always tries to stick with what's on the teleprompter.

Right now it looks like the tactic that will be employed to gain Obama's reelection is to paint the most likely GOP candidate, Rick Perry, as beyond the pale, another Christine O'Donnell, because, as I was posting this morning, he supposedly does not believe in science.

Dennis said...

It is times like these that make me think about heeding the words of St. Augustine, "Learn to dance otherwise the angels in heaven won't know what to do with you."

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Great line... thanks...