Saturday, March 4, 2017

Anti-Semitism Today

After eight years of projecting supine weakness on the world stage, after eight years of kowtowing to the world’s leading Jew hating nations, after eight years of empowering nations and organizations that are in the business of killing Jews, the American left has rediscovered its animal spirits and has gone to war against an anti-Semite…  Donald Trump.

Having lost a presidential election, having been repudiated by the people for its pusillanimous attitude toward Islamic terrorism, the American left has declared war on white privilege, white supremacy and Neo-Nazi anti-Semitism. And it has found the root cause of these evils: the first American president to have significant Jewish family members.

When Barack Obama won his election in 2008 he first called Mahmoud Abbas, a man who pays off families of terrorists who kill Jews. Being Jeremiah Wright’s protégé, being a close personal friend of Rashid Khalidi, being tight with William Ayers, Barack Obama happily promoted the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and sold out Israel with the Iran nuclear deal.

Former CIA officer Charles Faddis reports on the Obama record in the Middle East and its effect on Israel:

All across the Mideast Iran is ascendant.

It's coffers filled with cash acquired under the terms of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal and emboldened by the retreat of American power engineered by the Obama administration, the Persians are on the march.

Lebanon is owned by Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy force. Yemen has been set ablaze by Houthi rebels, armed, trained, and directed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Missiles supplied by Iran are fired deep into Saudi territory by those rebels, and U.S. warships are targeted at sea.

Bahrain has been declared to be a legitimate province of Iran and is marked for "liberation,"

Syria has become an Iranian client state. Iraq is teetering on the edge, and when Mosul falls and the need for American air power recedes, Baghdad will ultimately fall to Iranian agents and puppets.

And, just in case you missed it:

Lebanon, bordering Israel on the north, is now under the control of Hezbollah, a terrorist group whose army is superior to the Lebanese national army in every respect. Hezbollah has some 50,000 fighters under arms. It has anti-tank missiles, drones and sophisticated air defense systems.

Hezbollah also has, courtesy of its Iranian masters, 150,000 rockets and missiles. Some of these are simple tactical weapons. Some of these have the range to strike any target anywhere in Israel.

In Iraq, Iran has built a multitude of Hezbollah clones, Shia militia armed, trained and lead by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Together these various groups have 100,000 men under arms. Their leaders have already given notice.

After Iraq is "liberated" they vow to move on to Syria and continue the struggle to ensure the ultimate victory of Shia Islam.

After Syria, Israel can only be next. A senior IRGC general posted to Syria to work with Shia troops there admitted last year that the Shia militias Iran is creating across the Mideast are being built explicitly for the purpose of destroying Israel.

How do you react to this? If you belong to the American left you go into high dudgeon that Donald Trump did not speak out more forcefully about the threats to Jewish cultural centers in America.

Obviously, Obama had the press running interference for him. When the public wanted to know what Obama had said at a going-away party for Khalidi, the Los Angeles Times, in possession of the tape, refused to release it. If a member of the Trump administration had done as much, you know very well what would have happened. Khalidi sagely kept his counsel during the Obama years, but now he has allowed himself to declare that the Trump administration is “infested with Jews.” The man teaches at Columbia University. Do the math.

During the Obama administration, no one cared about anti-Semitic incidents. People did not care that Obama supported the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement and invited anti-Semite Al Sharpton to the White House dozens of times. Now the Democratic National Committee has as its vice-chairman a disciple of Louis Farrakhan.

No one, even American Jews, paid much attention to the anti-Semitism during the Obama years. Anything that did not demonizae the Republican Party did not happen.

Were there any anti-Semitic incidents during the Obama years? Glad you asked. Seth Frantzman has the data (via Maggie’s Farm):

Where was the media in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 to highlight thousands of incidents of antisemitism? 210 physical assaults on Jews. 3,900 threats against Jews and Jewish institutions. 2,900 incidents of vandalism. 180 incidents of antisemitism on campus. Every six days, a Jewish person in America was being attacked in 2015 and it went largely ignored. On average, there were threats every day against Jews and Jewish institutions over the last eight years and most of them did not receive headlines.

There were also incidents of vandalism every day on average. Why did 7,034 incidents of antisemitism not get major headlines for so long? Was it because of an agenda to protect the Obama administration from criticism, or due to complacency and people becoming inured to the phenomenon? The cesspool and swamp from which today’s hate crimes on Jewish cemeteries emerge is not in a vacuum and it may not be due to the toxic divisions of 2016; it may have deeper roots. That’s the elephant in the room: 7,000 incidents that were recorded — and reported by the ADL — which almost no one wants to talk about.

Why were these not reported? Simply put, because the American left saw Barack Obama as the Messiah. Basphemy laws prevented them from speaking ill of the Messiah. If you think that America does not have blasphemy laws, you should understand that these are virtual laws, obeyed by all members of leftist and liberal groups. When it comes to Donald Trump however, the left has laws that tell it that anything goes, true or false, right or wrong. Anything that might defame the Trump administration is permitted. When it comes to attacking the Antichrist, anything goes.

Now, however, we hear about the rising tide of American anti-Semitism all the time. The prime minister of Israel is on great terms with the new president. The man Trump nominated to be Ambassador to Israel is strongly pro-Israel. For the first weeks of the new administration representatives of the Palestinian Authority could not get anyone from the Trump administration on the phone. It must mean that the Trump administration is promoting anti-Semitism.

What matters to the left is the narrative. By the terms of its narrative the Trump administration, infested with Jews, has been stirring up anti-Semitism. True enough, hundreds of threats have been made to Jewish groups across the nation. The alt left happily declared that the perpetrators were white supremists  and other assorted Neo-Nazis. In truth, until yesterday, no one knew who made them. Again, the narrative was all that mattered.

Now, everyone knows that some of the threats issued from a disgraced radical leftist journalist, by name of Juan Thompson. He did not suffer from white privilege and was not a Neo-Nazi. He voted for Bernie Sanders. Link here.

Thompson was charged with making some of the threats. We do not know whether he is responsible for the other threats or desecrations. Thus, the American left still can hope.  It can hope that Thompson will be the exception that proves the rule, and that the threats and vandalism were produced by right wing extremists.

Some of the dimmer lights on the alt-left have suggested that Donald Trump is responsible anyway. To them the facts do not matter.

Surely,  someone from the radical right might have sent of the threats. A Neo-Nazi might have desecrated a Jewish cemetery.

And yet, it takes a willful blindness to ignore the fact that anti-Semitism, in America and around the world, has been fomented and promoted by members of the radical Islamist left. Beginning with the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and Hezbollah, finding a home in Iran, promoted by ISIS, infesting Europe through its massive influx of Muslim refugees, anti-Semitism is rife in the West today.

The alt-left continues to fight the last war. They should understand that those who fight the last war are very likely to lose the present war. In truth, if we look to Europe, where Jews are systematically persecuted by Muslims, and where governments in Germany and Sweden do not care—just as they do not care when women are harassed and assaulted by refugees—the picture is grim. If they do not care what happens to their women, what makes you think that they will defend Jews?


trigger warning said...

Juan Thompson is a golem, manipulated by Jared Kushner, who is himself on the payroll of the Elders of Zion, a shadowy real estate racket responsible for building settlements in the Ancient State of Palestine, controlled by the Mossad.

Those are the facts.

Sam L. said...

tw, you channeling your inner Ares?
The Narrative is the Left's Party Line; adherence to it is Mandatory.

trigger warning said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trigger warning said...

Sam, youre right. It's the Hive Mind. That's why Progressives point and shriek when Republicans express sharp disagreements among themselves on policy. Disagreement is inconceivable to the Hive Mind.

Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: Khalidi sagely kept his counsel during the Obama years, but now he has allowed himself to declare that the Trump administration is “infested with Jews.”

I always get concerned when someone is putting words into someone else's mouth, although these are "scare quotes" and not intended as direct quote, but well, as something different. I'm not sure how to describe this usage. I mean I guess I'd call it a "summary description" of Khalidi's actual words that can't be quoted simply.

Well, doing a search I found this article at least
Professor Khalidi is well known as Columbia University’s professor of modern Arab studies. January 17, in a lengthy radio interview on WBEZ Chicago’s “Worldview,” Khalidi warned that this infestation would begin under the new president. Describing Israel supporters in terms that evoke vermin was not a momentary lapse or slip of the tongue. He used “infest” three times, saying “these people infest” the Trump transition team and will soon “infest” the government.

Apparently there was an apology for these imprudent words:
“I recognize that it was infelicitous phrasing,” he wrote to the Forward, reflecting on what he said Tuesday, in an appearance on Chicago public radio’s “Worldview” program. “I was of course referring to those figures in and around the new administration and the Netanyahu government, irrespective of their religion, who promote a pro-occupation and pro-settlement political agenda.”

So his own interpretation is that his enemy here isn't a religion or an ethnic group, but an ideology within some pro-israel people's that is attempting to replace a complex reality with their own filtered self-serving subset of history and facts that isn't entirely honest or helpful to the bigger picture. Of cou

So it is possible to fight diseased ideologies without risking holocaustic implication of desire the death of actual people carrying those apparent mind parasites, right?

Well, anyway, I do see that its easier to play victimization for all sides. If you can label your rival as interested in your extermination or a personal hatred, you apparently gain the moral highground and don't have to notice your own participation the same logic elsewhere.

I could say "Children, play nice." but what fun is that?

sestamibi said...

My Holocaust survivor mother-in-law gets upset when I tell her, but I don't back down: if Hitler were non-white, Jews would be lining up and fighting to be first in line for the gas chambers. NOTHING in our politics and behavior has convinced me otherwise.

Sam L. said...

"Infest" is "infelicitous", eh? Still, it shows how and what he was thinking.

Ares Olympus said...

Sam L. said... "Infest" is "infelicitous", eh? Still, it shows how and what he was thinking.

Myself, I always try to recognize effort - in an apology, or admission of a misstep. Not everyone can do this, although probably using big words helps a person keep their ego while they're admitting a wrong.

It is a funny looking word. I really only knew Felicity as a woman's name. Fortunately no one is infelicitous enough to name their daughter Infelicity.

Felicity: the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts.
"speech that pleased by its accuracy, felicity, and fluency"
synonyms: eloquence, aptness, appropriateness, suitability, suitableness, applicability, fitness, relevance, pertinence