Saturday, March 11, 2017

But, Don't Call It Islamic Terrorism

Remember when the media courageously stood up for facts? It was not too long ago, so I’m sure you remember. And yet, multiculturalism, the so-called religion of the media elites, does not admit to facts. It certainly does not admit to any significant difference between the accomplishments of different cultures. When they do decide that it's time to fight, they direct their ferocious resistance at right wing extremism.

And, when it comes to terrorist attacks by Muslims, well, forget about the facts. Over the past week there were two terrorist attacks in Germany, one with an axe, another with a machete. From reading the press you would never know who did what. The lovers of fact have been doing everything in their power to cover up the ethnicity of the attackers. But, don't you dare call it censorship or even distorting the facts. I mentioned the point yesterday in the post on “Roadkill in Germany.”

Now, Katie Hopkins has addressed the issue in her inimitable style in the Daily Mail. Here are a few choice excerpts:

One of the things that surprises me on an almost weekly basis, is how axe, machete, knife and bomb attacks against nationals across Europe are responded to by anti-terror squads even though they are not, apparently, terror.

We are categorically told: this was not a terror attack.

And as if to sugar-coat our daily dose of multiculturalism, we hear surprisingly quickly if the attacker came from anywhere that isn't a mainly Muslim country. 

The authorities were virtually falling over themselves to report the lorry in the Christmas attack was licensed to a Polish driver. Only to discover, shortly afterwards, that he had been murdered in his cab by the Muslim terrorist at the wheel.

It was a long time before the crazed Dusseldorf axe attacker from last night could be named.

Eye-witness accounts describing him in the German newspapers as southern-looking (which translates as Mediterranean / dark-skinned) were quickly glossed over and replaced with a much more reassuring 'Yugoslavian'. A country which doesn’t even exist!

Does anyone remember what that conflict in Yugoslavia was all about? Religion wasn’t it?

Finally we find out that’s he’s one ‘Fatim H’ from 90% Muslim Kosovo. Hmmm.

But he apparently has severe mental issues, and the attack as ‘nothing to do with terror’. So that’s all right then.


trigger warning said...

I see a poetic justice here, with the former Goths being hacked to death, raped, pillaged, and run down in the streets by gangs of 21st Century barbarians.

Live by the sword... :-D

Sam L. said...

"Islamic Terrorism" ist VERBOTEN!!