Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Terrorists in the New Women's Movement

It’s about the company you keep. And how you define your politics by the people with whom you associate.

Sad to say, but one of the organizers of A Day Without Women is a convicted Palestinian terrorist. Her name is Rasmea Odeh. We turn to Wikipedia for her bio and her record:

Rasmea Yousef Odeh (born 1947/1948; also known as Rasmea YousefRasmieh Steve, and Rasmieh Joseph Steve)[2][3] is a Palestinian woman and former United States citizen convicted by Israeli courts for her role in the murder of Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe. She served as associate director at the Arab American Action Network in Chicago, Illinois.[4][5][6][7]

Odeh was convicted in 1970 by an Israeli military court of involvement in fatal terrorist bombings, and in 2014 by a US federal jury of immigration fraud. She was sentenced to life in prison in Israel for her involvement in two terrorist bombings in Jerusalem in 1969, one of which killed two people, and involvement in an illegal organization, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). She spent 10 years in prison before she was released in a prisoner exchange with the PFLP in 1980.[8]

The story has not made its way into the mainstream media. After all, if you are selling the narrative that Donald Trump is responsible for anti-Semitism because he did not denounce it forcefully enough you cannot reasonably march behind a woman who has been convicted of killing Jews.

While we are here, we note again the terrorist connections of Linda Sarsour, organizer of the Women’s March on Washington. Stephen Flatow, whose daughter was murdered by Palestinian terrorists explains:

Sarsour also has agitated for the release of Muhammad Allan, who was jailed by Israel for his activities on behalf of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group. “Proud of our new generation of Palestinian rights activists. Free #MUHAMMADALLAN,” Sarsour tweeted.

Islamic Jihad is the group that carried out the bus bombing in which my daughter Alisa, and seven other innocent people, were murdered.

A few years ago, Sarsour tweeted: “Nothing is creepier than Zionism.” I, for one, can think of a few things creepier — for example, the sight of Linda Sarsour and Hamas terror operative Salah Sarsour smiling and posing together for photos at last December’s Muslim American Society-Islamic Circle of North America conference.

According to The Daily Caller, Salah “spent eight months in an Israeli prison in 1993 for his work with Hamas.”

The Caller report added: “An FBI document from Nov. 2001 states that Salah Sarsour’s brother, Jamil, told Israeli authorities in 1998 that he and Salah funded the terrorist group Hamas through the Holy Land Foundation, a Texas-based non-profit.”

One does not believe that participants in this movement are terrorist sympathizers. But one does believe that they are aligning themselves with anti-Semitic elements in the international radical left. They are happy to accuse Republicans of anti-Semitism  but are incapable of seeing the rot in their own house.

They are also incapable of defending the women who have been persecuted by the people that Odeh and Sarsour support.

Flatow lists some  of the courageous women who are fighting against Palestinian misogyny:

  • The many Palestinian women who are victims of “honor killings” — sometimes as many as two dozen in a year — in which men murder female relatives whom they suspect of violating Islamic fundamentalist morals, such as premarital relations, dressing “provocatively” or being seen in the company of an unauthorized boyfriend. According to The Washington Post’s Anne-Marie O’Connor, even when the Palestinian Authority imprisons such killers, “pardons and suspended sentences are common.”
  • Palestinian women politicians who are subjugated, such as Najat Abu Baker, a member of the Palestinian parliament who was forced to hide in the parliament building for 17 days after the PA police sought to arrest her for criticizing PA President Mahmoud Abbas. According to The New York Times, Abu Baker’s “crime” was that she “said Mr. Abbas should resign and suggested that there would be money to pay educators if ministers were not so corrupt.”
  • The Palestinian women candidates for office whose names were concealed by the Palestinian Authority in listings for planned local elections last year. They were listed only as “sister of” or “the wife of.” The American women’s movement would never tolerate such discrimination in the United States; why should it turn a blind eye when Palestinian women are the victims?

Isn’t it beyond appalling that these new feminists embrace terrorists and ignore the plight of Palestinian women? And, of course, they can get away with it because the media is running interference for them, suppressing the story while obsessing about Steve Bannon.


Sam L. said...

Feminist hate other women, and apparently, themselves...or else they've drunk the Kool-Aid of ideology.

Walt said...

Seems the left has been leaning anti-semitic (via pro Palistinian) for several decades). Especially on college campuses. Brandeis banning Hirsi Ali iced that cake. A lot of cognitive dissonance among self-designated feminists