Friday, March 10, 2017

Roadkill in Germany

Angela Merkel’s government has figured out how to solve its Muslim immigrant problem. They have chosen to play a game called: let’s pretend. When refugees commit crimes, the government-- with the collusion of the media-- pretend that the crimes did not happen.

Last December an Islamist terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of Christmas shoppers killing dozens. The German government called it a “traffic accident.”

No kidding.

The Legal Insurrection blog describes the reaction:

The German media in general chose not to personalise the stories of the Berlin terror victims. Chancellor Merkel and top members of her government also failed to meet the bereaved families. To add insult to the injury, the Merkel government has categorised the victims of Berlin terror attack as victims of “traffic accident”.

We recall 9/11 when the America media personalized the stories of the victims. Imagine a media that does not bother to do so. Imagine a government official who fails to meet with the families of the victims. And then consider that this same government calls it a traffic accident.

And you thought Barack Obama was weak and feckless.

And then there is a no-go area in Berlin. The police have responded by taking down surveillance cameras—see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil—thus, no evil.

A journalist named Claus Strunz went into one of the areas in Berlin. While the police had registered 1,600 crimes last year, Strunz and his crew found hundreds in 48 hours.

He described the situation thusly, via Legal Insurrection:

“If you come to this area as an [ordinary] citizen you are simply shocked by what you see. You see acts of violence at every corner. While we were there, police arrested 3 young men following a brutal fight. They had beaten someone up. Then you walk 50 meters to another corner that’s full of [drug] dealers.” (…)

“1.600 crimes were committed here [around Kottbusser Tor] last year, and these are the only the ones that were registered.” (…)

“All this prompted us to do what police can’t do in Berlin and other places in Germany, and we took over the surveillance of the Kottbusser Tor area. Our 9 cameras monitored the place for 48 hours. And on the video feed — we can’t say the exact number — but there are hundreds of crimes [on the tape] that would have otherwise gone undiscovered.” (…)

“[I] talked to the residents. A family that had lived in the area since 1994 and has two daughters, 18 and 13. They grew up there. And the parents say that since 1 and a half year they don’t let their daughters walk alone on the street…neither at night nor in the day.

The media reaction was predictable: Strunz was accused of being a right-wing sympathizer.

Legal Insurrection concludes:

For Merkel and Germany’s political class, the unsuspecting Christmas market goers or the women at Cologne station on the New Year’s Eve are merely roadkill on their Autobahn to their promised multicultural paradise. And the migrant crime wave is nothing but a road bump in their grand social engineering project.


Sam L. said...

This is true in Sweden. And Holland. And France. Haven't heard of it in Denmark, Norway, or Finland, though it may be happening there, too. (Finland, likely, the least of all, as a guess.)

trigger warning said...

Calling that event a "traffic accident is like calling 9/11 a CFIT (controlled flight into terrain). Hey, it happens.

And lest we forget, the Ft Hood massacre was initially denoted by the Obama Regime as "workplace violence".

Anonymous said...

There is more (translated from one of the links to BILD):

"The sad highlight [of the lack of comunications] was a bill that the Berlin Senate sent to the relatives of victims - for the costs of court medicine. Including the threat of a debt collector in case of default of payment."