Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meanwhile, Back in Sweden

Meanwhile, back in the multicultural feminist Paradise of Sweden, things are not looking so rosy. Allowing a flood of Muslim refugees to enter is not working out very well.

Here is a report about the Swedish Police assessment of the No-Go areas in the country. You know what they are. Other countries have them. They are entirely Muslim neighborhoods where it is too dangerous for anyone else, even the police or firefighters or paramedics, to enter unescorted.

Global Risk Insights has the story:

Sweden has 53 areas defined as particularly vulnerable areas, vulnerable areas, and risk areas. 15 of these areas are particularly vulnerable and are primarily located in the suburbs of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. The National Operations Department (NOA), part of the Swedish police, defines particularly vulnerable areas as areas where the safety and security situation is difficult or impossible to control. Attacks against police officers are common, particularly during arrests. The most notable outbreak of violence occurred in 2013 when hundreds of cars and schools were set on fire and police were attacked in Stockholm’s poorer suburbs. Intimidation of witnesses to crimes that could testify in court is common, which undermines the legal system.

NOA also mentions that particularly vulnerable areas in Sweden have parallel society structures, or their own norms, economies, and legal systems. Violence is a regular occurrence and can happen during the day and put innocent bystanders at risk. The level of violence is increasingly deadly, particularly between different criminal constellations. Religious extremism is present in a third of these areas with intolerance against moderate Muslims and individuals travelling to join foreign terrorist groups.

The report continues that this has become a problem because the Swedes have failed to integrate the refugees into Swedish society. But, what makes you think that the refugees want to be integrated? Do they speak Swedish? Can they contribute to the economy? Let's not be too naive. The refugees want to divide and conquer. In the Swedish government they have a willing enabler.

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Sam L. said...

Refugees want to assimilate? They want to be integrated? Then why are there no-go zones?