Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Remember when men were told to get in touch with their feminine sides? Remember when men were told that they needed to share all household and homemaking chores equally with their wives? Remember when feminists told us all that separate male and female domains were signs of sexist bigotry?

Well, be careful what you wish for. Today’s enlightened millennial men have decided that everything must be split 50/50. It does not limit itself to washing half the dishes and dicing half of the carrots. It extends to traditional womanly domains like weddings and wedding preparation. Men are now insisting that they have a say about all aspects of a wedding. To the manifest chagrin of their fiancées.

The following from the Whisper app, via the Daily Mail, shows how far gone some men are. It's gotten so bad that people have invented a new word: Groomzilla. At least the word is not gender neutered. As the saying goes: be careful what you wish for....

 One very controlling groom-to-be insisted on attending his soon-to-be wife's wedding fitting

 In other cases brides found that it was their husband who was picky when it came the details 

With her hen party being her final night of freedom it is unsurprising that this woman doesn't want her fiance to attend 

It seems that grooms consider bridal hair to be a vital part of the wedding as this bride discovered, though she was less than impressed with his behaviour 

In one extreme case the bride-to-be called off the wedding completely when her fiance showed his true colours 

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Sam L. said...

It's a real bummer (BUMMMMMMMM-MERRRRRRRRRRRR) when the groom goes as crazy as the bride. I guess women DON'T like it when a man doesn't just get in touch with but wraps himself with a gorilla hug around his "feminine side".

Another case of "be careful what you ask for; you just might get it...in SPADES." (Or in the giant economy size of Industrial Strength crazy.)

Thank you, Stuart, for giving me an early laugh.

Ares Olympus said...

Whining isn't overly attractive in either gender, but apparently resentful people like to read about other people's due justice.

trigger warning said...

It's just what happens when the groom is a sensitive, Epsilon-caste Pajama Boy clone. Women have nothing but contempt for Epsilons, despite their utility as houseboys with benefits.

James said...

Well they fired Comey. Lassie's going to be busy.