Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Do Men Want?

Once upon a time people thought Sigmund Freud was being profound when he asked: What do women want? They also thought that he was being profound when he discovered the Oedipus complex. Perhaps today is not the right day to ponder the deeper meaning of that piece of recycled mythology. Even more so since France has today inaugurated a new president, a man who married his mother. Nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day. (For those who are sticklers for facts, Mother’s Day in France is two weeks from today. Vive la France!)

Someone wrote me this morning to suggest that when Brigitte met high school student Emmanuel Macron she "groomed" him. If you live in England you will get the meaning. If not, you might have to look it up.

Anyway, unless you have a plan to love or to marry all women you do not really need to know what women want. If you want to know what one woman wants, I recommend that you ask her. And that assumes that you are not sufficiently alert to have noted the dozens of clues that she has thoughtfully left lying around.

But, what better day to ask what men really, really want.  And who better to ask that a woman who has known a large number of them. Known… in the Biblical sense—because today is Sunday.

So, the Daily Mail recycles a report from an Australian newspaper about one Gwyneth Montenegro—no relation to Gwyneth Paltrow. You see Gwyneth M. was a lady of the evening. In honor of France’s new president we will call her what the French do, a demi-mondaine.

Naturally, the reporter wanted to know what men wanted? Who better to ask than a woman who had thousands of men. What kind of sex did men prefer when they could have any kind of sex at all… within limits, of course? You will be surprised to discover that men did not seek out depravity and abuse. Kinkiness was rarely on the menu.

So, here it is:

But it was also a lifestyle that gave Gwyneth a deep insight into what men really want from women as they confided in her about their desires and relationships.

Gwyneth found that most of her clients actually didn't want 'hardcore kinky sex' or a chance to live out 'sick fantasies'.

The sex was 'normal', but the escort found that many men felt 'more validated' in their own masculinity after they had sex with her.

'I don't want to be so brazen as to just blame feminism for this. However, I think there is a part to play where men do feel emasculated,' Gwyneth told 

A nice touch that… we do not want to blame feminism and the gender neutering that it has imposed on us. Call it a rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

She continued:

Gwyneth believes that men no longer know how to navigate a world where they're scared to open a door for a woman.

She found that many of her clients sought out escorts because they felt emasculated in their actual relationships.

'They don't know what it is to be a man anymore. They've lost their way,' she added. 

Gwyneth found that much of her job involved just talking to men, although she found there were some clients who liked the feeling of owning her for a bit. 

'They get an intense delight out of controlling women. They get more of a kick out of feeling like they control you, than they do off the actual sex,' she told the site. 

If women can take care of themselves, if they are independent and autonomous and self-sustaining, what is left for men to do? What is left that will not leave men feeling demeaned.

Happily, for her, Gwyneth retired from the escort business. Guess what she chose as her next career? That’s right, you guessed it: she became a therapist. A special kind, of course, but, it's Sunday so I am stretching things a bit:

It wasn't until the age of 33 that she finally retired once and for all and instead became trained in neuro-linguistic programming, a type of psychotherapy.  

Gwyneth then found fame when she wrote the story of her life in the book 10,000 Men and Counting, which was released in 2014. 

The former escort found writing the book to be a therapeutic experience, one she said helped her discover her true self as the 'girl next door'.   

We are happy to learn that writing about your experiences can be therapeutic. One suspects that high royalties are also therapeutic. As for the “girl next door” claim, I imagine that many women hope that Gwyneth will not be moving in next door to their husbands.


EoP MILED Clerk said...
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EoP MILED Clerk said...

I do not categorize individuals into groups.

I judge individuals based upon the content of their character, not whether they have a penis, vagina, clitoris or mechanical anus; or what race, religion, or class their penis or vagina holder is. I doubt all men want the same thing just cause they all have a penis; or that women want the same thing cause they have a vagina. Some men or women could want the same thing, or they could pretend to want the same thing.

Until you find a group of men or women, who are (a) brutally honest with themselves; and (b) know what they want; you will not get honest answers about what that group of men or women want. If you are not getting honest answers about what individuals you classify as 'men' or 'women' based upon their genitals want; then your entire theory about what 'men' or 'women' want is not based on factual reality; but pretend reality.

I tell them what I want; and ask them what they want.

What do you want?

A copy of this comment is posted at Ecology of Peace v Masonic War is Peace NWO Negotiations.

Anonymous said...

What do men want?


trigger warning said...

I got what I wanted today. is collapsing from financial insolvency...

"Help Save Everyday Feminism

Dear readers, we're facing some serious financial challenges and without your support, we may not make it past May!"

:-D So sad.

Maybe they can steal from ghetto children (like Sen Franken's defunct Air America), or partner with their ghoulfriends at PP and have a charitable baby parts sale. Baby skins are in particularly high demand these days.

Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: Even more so since France has today inaugurated a new president, a man who married his mother. Nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I've always wondered if shaming works and as best I can tell it only works from people you respect. And its not like a 39 year old Emmanuel Macron is going to divorce his wife of 10 years because his political rivals make fun of him.

Equally I can talk about President Trump as a man who married his daughter and that also says more about me than Trump.

It is strange I feel a defenseness of an investment banker I don't know personally, apparently this is what tribalism feels like, the knee-jerk reaction to defend someone you don't really know.

And coincidentally I heard Glenn Beck this morning on On Being, talking about his conversion from the dark side of partisan fear and contempt. He came across with much more remorse and external self awareness than our current president will ever have.

Anonymous said...

Trump met Melania when she was 28. I doubt he would have become POTUS if he had locked himself in an office with a fifteen year young schoolgirl.

Brigitte Auzière hooked up with one of her pupils, a boy of 15 who was also a class mate of her daughter. Teenagers have been known for developing a crush on a teacher since time began. The French law is very clear and sets the age of consent at 18 in any relationship between teacher & pupil, which is higher than the usual age of consent.

If President Manni's parents had pressed charges, Brigitte would have gone to prison, no matter how much she would have proclaimed that it was him chasing her. Unfortunately, the parents were reluctant to do so, possibly for the best of reasons, and now the new normal among Madonna-like feminists is that mothers should hand over their young sons to deserving cougars.

Happy marry-your-mothers-day!

Ares Olympus said...
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Ares Olympus said...

Anonymous at 12:44 PM, It looks like you like reading the gossip tabloids. I guess I should presume you're a woman, since I don't see men reading them often.

Divorcing your husband and remarrying a year later will always look scandalous, and somehow it easier to hate on women for this than men.

Macron talks below on the topic of "external self awareness", saying "We never build ourselves in relation to others' gaze".
"She is beautiful, and the fact that she's 20 years older than I am is terrible, because it is an issue of mockery, of terrible discourtesy. I give in to nothing, but it has taught us a lot, including in politics. We never build ourselves in relation to others' gaze."

Or so of course we know that smart politicians do everything to tailor their image to match what is acceptable to the majority, while stronger impromptu politicians, including Trump, made their bed long ago, and do their own way, and make the world accept them by the force of their success?

I perhaps felt a little envious today at a mom's day 5k, seeing the beautiful wife of a runner friend 20 years older than me, she being about his same age. Sexist or not, I'd certainly be as proud as he seemed to share his beautiful wife with the world.

And my friend's (widow) mom at 92 also looked queenly too. I suppose it would be weird to be 68 someday and married to a 92 year old, Melania and Emmanuel's fate as fate allows. I suppose true lovers will take even a good 5 years together and be grateful, but some can even marry up-in-age 24 years and get 50 years out of a marriage. You never know how much time you have, or whom you should choose.

So overall it seems the haters are just missing something important and prefer to tell their contrived narratives because it distracts them from what they don't want to look at, their own shame they can't escape.

Adele said...
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