Friday, May 19, 2017

Human Sacrifice in England

It’s not just about the fact that Muslim gangs have been preying on British schoolgirls. It’s also about the fact that the authorities in Rotherham, England ignored the problem for years. They did so for fear of being called racists. In the name of multiculturalism they are willing to sacrifice children to Muslim grooming gangs. The gangs seduce vulnerable girls and force them to be gang raped, repeatedly. When they report the crimes to the authorities they are ignored.

The BBC is now running a television series on the problem. Katie Hopkins reports on it, especially on the cowardly silence of British authorities:

But we cannot sidestep the fact that 90 per cent of grooming gangs charged with offences are Muslim. And yet only 5 per cent of the population follows Islam.

The numbers of abusers who purport to be Muslims are disproportionately high. All the more reason for an imam to be standing shoulder to shoulder with Mohan outside the court. For the religious leaders to condemn the gangs.

I have been criticised widely for discussing the subject on my show. Rounded on by liberals, accused of Islamophobia, of bias, and reminded I failed to mention Jimmy Saville.

She also asks about the silence of the feminists. You know, the feminists who are out protesting against rape culture. There it is, a rape culture in England, and feminists have nothing to say.

Hopkins continues:

Where are the feminists on this? The thousands of 'Pussy Marchers' and their silly hats? The outspoken women who are paid to sit on panels to talk about women's rights? Where are JK Rowling, Lily Allen speaking for Britain and Gary Lineker? Why the silence?

One of my followers on Twitter articulates it beautifully: 'Feminism stops on Islam's doorstep. It is the precise point of the intellectual paralysis of intersectional doctrine.' 

Or the 'thought vortex', as I like to call it, where the need to kowtow to the Muslim faith overrides the injustice of the rape of young white girls regarded as 'trash'.

We know that some of the gangs have now been arrested and sent off to prison. Has the problem gotten better? Not at all. It seems to have gotten worse.

Hopkins explains:

The Director and Head of the Child Abuse department at Switalskis Solicitors says the problem is getting worse.

'I have had reports from numerous girls and parents in Rotherham that child sexual exploitation by young Asian males is continuing to this date. 

'I spoke this week to a 17-year-old who had been pimped out by Asian gangs in Bradford and complained that social services and the police failed to take action to prevent abuse or arrest or disrupt the abusers.'

Parents are forced to send their daughters out of the country to protect them. The politically correct police seem not to be able to do so.

Hopkins reports on one girl who called in to her radio show to explain her experience. Keep in mind, we are talking about a thirteen year old girl:

A survivor of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham rang my radio show on Sunday to share her story. She speaks for thousands.

She was 13 when she reported multiple cases of rape to the authorities. When she revealed the men's names, she was told not to discuss their ethnicity, not to make race an issue.

She went on: 'The police said it was my word against his. And they said he was quite a nice guy so it probably wouldn't stand up in court. 

'I saved the clothes I was raped in. But they said they lost them, so there was no evidence anymore.'

Failed by the authorities, she fell back into the hands of the gang, and went back to being exploited.

The only way her parents could make it stop was to move their child out of the country, to send her away from the UK to escape these men who preyed on their child.

It’s not just Sweden and Germany. The religion of political correctness is offering up human sacrifices in England. I understand that certain dimwits reject the idea that these nations are sacrificing their daughters to sexual predators. I find their whining to be part of the problem, not part of the solution.


Sam L. said...

Multi-culti trumps feminism. There's a hierarchy of leftist/progressive "causes".

trigger warning said...

Roger Scruton penned a brilliant novel, The Disappeared, on this topic, published in 2015.

Highly recommended.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Again the hierarchy of pity and the profit of virtue signaling trump the rule of law. This is how the modern Left works. Their rallies, marches and "protests" aren't really driven by their vision for the world. Instead, their energy is propelled by the venom they feel toward what they're against. It's self-loathing and hate, all wrapped into one.

Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: The religion of political correctness is offering up human sacrifices in England.

Whatever the facts are, I'm not sure if "the religion of political correctness" is a necessary or sufficient blame mechanism.

There's a lot of hatred towards the catholic church for the priest being child molesters, and when caught, many where quietly relocated to a new churches. If we discovered say 5% of child molesters are catholic priests and only 0.1% of the population were priests, perhaps that would be grounds to ban catholic priests from a country?

And obviously Muslims themselves can be held to blame, just like the catholic leadership held blame there. If you protect your own, cover up the crimes of people who look like you, you make the situation even worse once the crimes are exposed.

And for authorities, it may be better to label it as simple cowardice, people who would prefer to not look at what they don't want to see.

Meanwhile Catholics and Muslims alike are less well trusted, and may become easy targets for hatred and active discrimination, isolating them more.

So while the truth may set us free, it also makes you a target for blind fear and hatred. Shame is what keeps secrets and experience teaches us why.

Anonymous said...

AO, Catholic clergy pedophilia occurs at a rate no different than the pedophilia rate of the population at large. Hence Protestant clergy may be engaged in similar acts. Surely not as widely prosecuted or as highly publicized, given the Protestants dispersed clerical organization. You might want to check facts instead of betraying your own prejudice and intolerance. You draw a false leveling, given the facts of the Muslim phenomenon in Britain. You're quite the bigot, declaring equivalence that does not exist in reality.

Ares Olympus said...

Anonymous at 5:22 PM, Yes my numbers were imaginary, Stuart wanted me to stay short, but with creative statistics, I'm sure you could find something accurate and damning in isolation.

And I really didn't mean to single out Catholics, although it it not the worst guess to believe celibacy there can be a problem. Maybe they just got unlucky with the worst PR? Everyone finds it easier to condemn a group for the behavior of their worst if they are not a part of that group.

And issue as many things also comes down to "The sin isn't what you do, but what you do to cover up what has been done." And my point was that denial and shame is what covers these things up, especially when authority and status are used in the cover up. And one priest, in a position of authority, can molest dozens or even hundreds of children over a career. So the costs of failure are high.

But what are the numbers, while we're here?
In a recent interview (July 2014) Pope Francis said that 2% of clergy in the Catholic Church are paedophiles, information the Pope said he received from advisors.

The vast majority of the clerical sex-abuse scandals now coming to light do not involve pedophilia. Rather, they involve ephebophilia — homosexual attraction to adolescent boys. While the total number of sexual abusers in the priesthood is much higher than those guilty of pedophilia, it still amounts to less than 2 percent — comparable to the rate among married men.
Barbara Dorris, outreach director of the Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests, said on Sunday that, a website that attempts to document abuse cases and apparent cover-ups, had figures suggesting that the proportion of US priests accused of abuse from 1950 until 2013 was about 5.6%.

"The real percentage of predator priests is of course much higher," Dorris said. "And in the far larger developing world – where the power imbalance between clergy and congregants is far greater and where bishops enjoy far more status and deference – we believe the rate is higher still. No one benefits when the world's top Catholic official mischaracterises the crisis by talking often about abuse and rarely about cover-up. No one benefits when he minimises the crisis, by low-balling estimates of child-molesting clerics."

Probably we can't know the real numbers, although I understand why priests would prefer to believe they're lower than average. And whatever the numbers, people who need to condemn will say "Even one sexual abuse by one priest is too many."

And we don't know exactly how shame and denial are expressed exists within Muslim communities, but surely this is a problem. If they are unable to face the crimes of some of their wayward young, they can't be a part of the solution.

And so the predicament is real - the more you try to shame a group of people for the behavior of a minority, the more the majority there who feel powerless will dig into denial or reverse blame.

It has to be possible to defend the law without condemning whole groups of people.