Friday, November 9, 2018

Anarchy Comes to Portland

And now, a word from Kevin Williamson. One does not know exactly why Williamson was roaming through Portland, Oregon, but roaming he was. He was able to get a first hand feel for today’s Democratic Party, for its fascination with mob actions and for its unwillingness to do anything about it. Didn't you know that breaking windows, rioting in the streets and harassing people in restaurants is valid political expression?

As many have reported, the mayor of Portland has refused to police the antifa radicals and assorted anarchists who are menacing people downtown. Naturally, the fascist mob takes this as permission to do as it pleases… with impunity. If you were wondering why this the mob keeps upping the ante, now to the point where its members have taken to threatening conservative newspeople-- as in Tucker Carlson-- you should measure the simple fact that they have been allowed to run wild… and have suffered no consequences.

It is well past time that some of them be locked up. Were it not for the fact that the leaders of America’s great cities are deeply blue and deeply cowardly, it would be happening. Today, the Washington, D. C. police are investigating the incident at Tucker Carlson’s house. We await developments.

Lawlessness countenanced and condoned provokes more lawlessness. And not merely from the radical left. As long as the left believes that violent threats, harassment and intimidation are valid expressions of political opinion, people who are not on the left will be more likely to do the same.

Anyway, Williamson describes a normal day in Portland:

If you want a good whiff of what it is the Democrats currently are smoking, come visit Portland. I spent part of last night following around a troop of so-called anarchists who were marching through the streets chanting the usual obscenities (the formal demand last night was the abolition of ICE, but “F*** Trump!” was the most lustily chanted slogan), blocking traffic, engaging in the casual lawlessness now associated with this city. Two poor neutered cops following them around at a deferential distance as the boobs in the black face masks taunted and cursed them. A police vehicle pulled up alongside the mob and apologetically informed them that in order to ensure that they may safely exercise their First Amendment rights, the Portland police department would very much appreciate it if they stayed on the sidewalk and refrained from blocking traffic. The mob responded with a new chant: “Whose streets? OUR STREETS!”

Of course, the antifa radicals are really fascists. We have compared them to Nazi Brown Shirts and to the Maoist Red Guards. Williamson likens them to Mussolini’s Black Shirts:

Mayor Ted Wheeler has surrendered the streets of Portland to gangs of literal blackshirts. Portland police apparently told the media that the protesters “obeyed traffic signals,” as KGW8 reports, which is an outright lie. It wasn’t a riot like they had here in 2016, but it wasn’t exactly law-abiding, either, and the gang made a point of flouting the traffic laws in front of the police who were instructing them not to, as a form of mockery that the Portland police apparently are happy to endure.

Postscript: It is a world-class inaptronym that Portland’s police chief is named Danielle Outlaw.


Dan Patterson said...

Very interesting piece.
What are we to make of the coming domestic war, the one some on both sides seem to embrace as necessary to cleanse the middle of its fringe radicals. Will it be enough to shelter in place or will everyone become a street soldier? Given the behavior of the violent left, resignation of it from law enforcement, and a festering irritation by normals I don't see how a conflict is avoidable. And not a First Amendment conflict where the only casualties are strings of ones and zeros.
Will the country fracture into new states, some Constitutional Originalists and other socialist garbage heaps? Is a geographic division even possible or will there be enclaves within present boundaries of no-go zones and barricades as in "The Walking Dead"? There is nothing stopping avowed socialists from gathering 20 or 300 of their closest stoner friends and creating a tribe of mutually supportive folk living happily together without the stain of capitalism. Of course we know how that cult will end: a tub of grape KoolAid and lifeless bodies bloating in the sun. But there is nothing stopping people from doing just that. But do not force a tyrannical and unprincipled social system on unwilling participants either; we know how that will end as well: mounds of lifeless adult children clad in black uniforms bloating in the sun.

Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...

If things go deeply south, for whatever reason, avoid crowds, shun groups. Be a ghost. Urban areas will be the first and last to suffer, and will experience the most profound suffering.

Sam L. said...

"Lawlessness countenanced and condoned provokes more lawlessness. And not merely from the radical left. As long as the left believes that violent threats, harassment and intimidation are valid expressions of political opinion, people who are not on the left will be more likely to do the same."

I am reminded of the old maxim, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Although, with people, the opposite reaction is not likely to be equal.

Portland is a deeeeeeeeeeeeply blue Democrat-run city.

Anonymous said...

“Whose streets? OUR STREETS!” ... Of course, the antifa radicals are really fascists.

It is not as if they are marching in orderly brigades and randomly shooting people that challenge who owns what part of the street.

Instead they make their street-cause look silly.

"'fascist'-antifa" => antis => negaters => negs / - => multiplication by 0 => zeros => 0's"

They are the best enablers for status quo imaginable.

Ares Olympus said...

I've seen some videos from Portland and such, and it is confusing. I concluded people who are attracted to Antifa have mental illness of the anarchy sort that rejects all authority figures, and so they focus their attention to apparent tyrannies of any sort, and imagine themselves as the great liberators, and somehow not seeing their own behavior has become what they claim to hate.

Anonymous said...

Like Al Bundy is to middle class, or Scrooge McDuck to our beloved elite.

Or "the world's only Nedal band" Okilly Dokilly.

Sam L. said...

They are "true believers" Ares, in falsity.

Anonymous said...

There are East Coast Nazis too, apparently.

August 18, 2017
A busy week for the President: a Nazi uprising in Charlottesville, resulting in one dead and several wounded, received a slow response and alarming equivocation from Trump regarding which “side” was worse. Widespread public backlash at his Nazi apologia - across the political spectrum - led to the resignation of several industry and public sector leaders from various advisory councils. Charities began canceling Mar-a-Lago events. One Congressman begin steps to introduce Impeachment. A week into the debacle, key advisor Steve Bannon “resigns”, with possibly more to be purged. Undaunted, Trump is planning another campaign rally in Phoenix, making noises about pardoning convicted criminal ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for us, Mayor Quimby handled that situation well. The Antifa and Charlottesville's AltNeonNazim of Lord of the Rings were kept safely separate from each other via a Trump-Wall force field barrier, preventing an all-out thermonuclear war.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Evil's plan to 'start a nuclear war' using 'take GIRL to a gay bar' Did Not Compute... Waoow!

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