Thursday, November 29, 2018

Rape Culture Arrives in France

Rape culture has arrived in France. You can hear the feminist protests… but you will have to turn up the volume very high. Inexplicably, people who have militated against rape culture will hide in the shadows when they hear about how a French court acquitted a Muslim refugee of raping a French high school student. Again, we are struck by the silence of the feminists.

What were the grounds for acquittal? Simply, the refugee’s cultural norms permit such behavior. Thus, France had best get used to allowing French women be raped by Muslims. And to pay no penalty. It looks like human sacrifice.

World Net Daily has the story.

A French court acquitted a refugee from Bangladesh for the rape of a high-school girl after the defense argued the immigrant had “different cultural norms” that may have caused him to misinterpret his contact with the girl.

It was not the only time:

The refugee also was charged with sexually assaulting another young girl. Both incidents happened in 2015. He was given a suspended sentenced of two years in prison for the sexual-assault charge, reported Voice of Europe, citing the French news site La Manche Libre.

The report said experts who investigated the refugee, who was not named, pointed out that in the male culture of Muslim-majority Bangladesh, “women are relegated to the status of sexual object.”

Voice of Europe said the accused, age 18 at the time of rape, went for a walk with a 16-year-old girl who attended the same high school in Saint-LĂ´, France.

The teen kissed the woman and groped her genitals, according to the complaint, and she managed to leave the room. She reported the incident to the principal of her school who informed police.

Police closed the case after the refugee insisted the girl was consenting. She later attempted suicide and was hospitalized for a week.

As for the question of who to believe: French authorities believed the rapist when he said that the girl had consented. So much for believing women. It resembles the reasoning that allowed British authorities to ignore the grooming gangs that have been operating unmolested in their midst.

Vive la France.


David Foster said...

"different cultural norms", what if they get some immigrants who are followers of the old-line Hindus practice of widow burning? Or some people turn up from the religion of Baal-Moloch and set up a giant idol for child sacrifice? All OK with the present-day French state?

Anonymous said...

Hard to wrap your mind around the weirding.

Everything reminds me of a drawing Enrique showed to us, a cockroach spewing a mountain of dew. The aesthetics of everything.

Sam L. said...

The French surrender again.