Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Real American Anti-Semites

For reasons that defy reason, Marc Lamont Hill commands respect in the mainstream media. He teaches at Temple University and began his career as a public intellectual on shows like The O’Reilly Factor. Currently, he is a commentator on CNN.

Being a loser, Hill is inexorably drawn to anti-Semitism. Yesterday he addressed the U.N. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and called for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Naturally, many people have called on CNN to fire him, but, since he is not a Republican or conservative, the chances are good that it will not happen.

At a time when anti-Semitism has become more common in America, it is good to identify the real anti-Semites and to note the source: what Roger Simon will call an unholy alliance between the Democratic Party and Islam.

For the record, here are Hill’s words.

If we are to operate in true solidarity with the Palestinian people, we must allow the Palestinian people the same range of opportunity and political possibility. If we are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people, we must recognize the right of an occupied people to defend itself. We must prioritize peace, but we must not romanticize or fetishize it. We must advocate and promote nonviolence at every opportunity, but we cannot endorse a narrow politics of respectability that shames Palestinians for resisting, for refusing to do nothing in the face of state violence and ethnic cleansing.

We must promote nonviolence at every opportunity, but cannot endorse narrow politics that shames Palestinians for resisting, for refusing to do nothing in ethnic cleansing.

Justice requires a free Palestine from the river to the sea.

The last is thinly disguised code for the complete destruction of the state of Israel.

Roger Simon took up the subject of anti-Semitism on Pajamas Media a few days ago. He wrote about an event that occurred in his old Los Angeles neighborhood. There, a few days earlier. a Somali man had tried to run down Jews with his car. Naturally, the story received no attention, because Muslims have a constitutionally protected right to persecute Jews.

Simon explained:

For most of the last three decades, until my recent move to Nashville, I drove up and down Los Angeles' La Brea Avenue at least once, often many times, a day. I ate at restaurants there, bought supplies there, drove to the offices of PJ Media along that major urban artery

Almost always I saw ultra-Orthodox Hasidim walking around the neighborhood, often with dozens of kids in tow. (They take the Biblical dictum to be fruitful and multiply quite literally.) But never did I see a vicious anti-Semitic attack like the one caught on video last Friday night when a 32-year-old Somali named Mohamed Mohamed Abdi, yelling "F**king Jews," tried to run down worshipers in front of their synagogue on Shabbat. Where did he think he was? Paris?

Paris, you say. France, for having welcomed a multitude of Muslim migrants into its midst, is beset with its own anti-Semitism problem.

Who is fomenting today’s anti-Semitism?

Pittsburgh aside, today's anti-Semitism is largely, with minor sporadic exceptions, the product of an unholy alliance between the left and Islam. (No, I don't mean radical Islam, bad as it is. I mean Islam. That religion has, with some notable and thankfully growing exceptions, long been anti-Semitic in action and in doctrine.)

This alliance between the left and Islam, exemplified — although far from exclusively — by Linda Sarsour, who refuses to abjure the notoriously anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan while telling Jews she is "sorry," leads to mind-bending behavior by "feminists," like support for the hijab and patriarchal Sharia law. What next? Clitoridectomies? Evidently.

The last is a reference to a decision by a federal judge to throw out a case against a woman who genitally mutilated girls as young as seven years old. He declared that the federal government had no business passing laws about such matters. Unless your state has explicitly banned the practice, female genital mutilation is fine in America. As for why some states still do not ban it, the reason lies in their respect for different cultures.

Anyway, Simon explains the prevalence of anti-Semitism on today’s college campuses. It is led by the Boycott Divest Sanction movement and Students for Justice in Palestine, both anti-Semitic outfits. Yesterday a Columbia professor found red swastikas painted on the wall of her office… but, no one dared suggest who might have done it, in such a Muslim friendly university.

Simon explains:

Meanwhile, the BDS movement on American campuses has become chic, with resistance, at best, sporadic. Jewish students feel threatened at many of our colleges as social justice warriors with no knowledge of the Middle East (or anything, for that matter) blame them for what the SJWs think is happening in Israel. UCLA might as well be an outpost of Tehran or Mecca, even though Los Angeles has a half-million Jews. Columbia University, the city with the most Jews in the entire world, is even worse. Call it an outpost of Hamas.

The American left holds as an article of faith that anti-Semitism is being fomented by Nazis and by Donald Trump. They are blind to reality and obsessed with their hatred of all things Trump. The Anti-Defamation League was happy to see that the shooter in the Pittsburgh synagogue was a straight white male, not a Muslim or a minority group member. Of course, it turned out that the shooter hated Trump and hated him especially for his pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli leanings, but no one really wants to talk about that:

Groups like the sclerotic ADL almost seemed relieved when this Bowers character went and shot people up at the Pittsburgh synagogue. The old days of redneck KKK anti-Semitism (even if the perp hated Trump) were back, temporarily anyway. They didn't have to confront the reality of how things actually are now. They could still blame Trump for the supposed rise in anti-Semitism, even though all the evidence that we were told pointed to POTUS turned out to be bogus and even though he is the most pro-Israel president ever, with Jewish grandchildren.


Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...

It bears repeating in tbe context of this post that Paleostinian President Mahmoud Abbas' 1982 PhD dissertation, presented to the esteemed faculty of the renowned Patrice Lumumba University (Moscow), was a holocaust denial screed entitled "The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism”.

The Nazi/Fascist collaboration between the Grand Mufti of "al-Quds" (aka Jerusalem) and Waffen-SS recruiter, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, was no secret.

In fairness, though, there were a few Jewish collaborationists. George Soros, Chairman of the Dark Money Bank for the modern Proglodyte movement, is a good example. But I don't think anyone would call "Uncle Moneybags" Soros a "Zionist".

Dan Patterson said...

"For reasons that defy reason..."
Really? Given the feminized culture and pointed avoidance of stating truth in favor of myth there is little doubt of the reasoning. Use Joe Biden's arrogant description of Hussein Obama and the embrace of con artists by the enlightened elite and you have your answer. In another time Marc Hill, or Lamont Hill, or Marc Lamont Hill would have been ignored because of his immature posing.
But as Bill Clinton said of B H O "...he would be getting us coffee" and look at what happened. An idol with feet of clay.

Anonymous said...

When one lives by the pejorative there is a high percents chance that one will die by the pejorative. Nothing more enjoyable than to watch this happen.