Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Fake News in the Psycho World

My friend, Jacques van Rillaer, who professes in Belgium at the University of Louvain, has offered this correction to Jamieson Webster's piece, the one I posted about a few days ago. Link to my post here.

Jacques added his remark to the comments section, but I repeat it here because I want to make sure you do not miss it:

Webster writes:"As Sigmund Freud posited decades ago, a psychotic person who is helped to pass through the most acute phase of their symptoms by being kept safe, and who then receives a continuous form of talk treatment, as well as some means of education or ability to work, can potentially stabilize without excessive medication"

Fake news! Freud never said that. He writes in his last book: “ we discover that we must renounce the idea of trying our plan of cure upon psychotics” (An Ouline of Psycho-analysis, [1938] 1940, Standard Edition, XXIII, p. 173)

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