Friday, April 26, 2019

Bringing Rape Culture to Sweden

You would think that the Feminist Paradise called Sweden would be tough on rape. After all, feminists in this country have been militating against rape culture. Thus, by logical deduction, a nation that was run by feminists would naturally be far more strict when it comes to punishing rape. Surely, it would not suffer from patriarchal toxic male solidarity and excuse rape as a simple misunderstanding.

You would be in for a big surprise. In the Feminist Paradise of Sweden they go soft on rapists. Especially on Muslim migrant rapists, like this one from Somalia. You will note that the man, convicted of rape, was originally sentenced to one year and ten months in jail. Thus, felonious rape merely gets you a slap on the wrist. As crimes go, it’s slightly more serious than jaywalking, but not by a lot. I have long since considered multicultural Sweden to have embraced human sacrifice. I still do. 

But, then the tough hard-assed feminists in Sweden have added an additional punishment. A migrant rapist should be deported from the nation. After all, they do not want to have convicted rapists wandering around their thoroughly “woke” nation. 

At least, such was the case up to now. Recently, the Supreme Court of Sweden has decided that the expulsion order was unfair or not very nice or racist or whatever. Thus it overturned prior court rulings and is allowing the convicted rapist to stay in the country.

Here is the story, from the Swedish paper, called The Local:

Two lower courts had ruled that the man, a 33-year-old Somali citizen, should be deported after serving a jail sentence for rape, but the Supreme Court overturned this decision while extending his jail sentence by four months. The reason for ruling against deportation was that his ties to Sweden were considered to be strong, although two of the five Supreme Court justices argued the seriousness of the crime outweighed this and that he should be expelled.

The man was first found guilty of rape by Linköping District Court, after he forced himself on a woman he did not know while they both stayed overnight at a mutual friend's apartment.

He was found guilty based on witness statements from the victim and the apartment owner, as well as SMS messages and the fact his DNA was found on the victim.

That court initially sentenced him to one year and ten months in jail, followed by expulsion from Sweden and a ban on returning for the next ten years.

Perpetrators of serious crimes can be expelled from Sweden as part of their punishment if they do not hold Swedish citizenship. If the perpetrator has been resident in Sweden for at least five years, though, Swedish law dictates the court must find that there are "extraordinary reasons" for ordering a deportation.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman explained the reasoning:

Lina Zettergren, a Judge Referee at the Supreme Court with responsibility for preparing the cases and presenting proposals for decisions, told The Local.

"But consideration should also be taken to the foreigner's ties to Swedish society. In the judgment, consideration should be taken to factors such as living conditions, for example if the person has a property, is socially integrated, has learned Swedish, and so on, if the person has children and is in contact with them, if there are other family members, and the length of time the person has spent in Sweden," Zettergren said.

"The idea behind the requirement of 'extraordinary reasons' [if the perpetrator has been in Sweden for over five years] is that there should be a point where a foreigner has the right to feel secure in Sweden. It's a complete judgment where all factors are weighed up, and which factors are decisive depends on the circumstances in the individual case. If the foreigner has a strong tie to Sweden, typically a more serious crime is required for deportation to occur."

Put that one in your pipe and smoke it. It has to be a “more serious crime” to merit deportation. Apparently, in “woke” Sweden rape is not a very serious crime. A migrant raping a Swedish woman is not a very serious crime. After all, it merits a mere twenty-two months in prison.

So, there you have it, the properly feminist attitude toward rape. It is not a very serious crime. Those who perpetrate it should receive limited jail time and should not be deported to Ilhan Omar’s home country.


trigger warning said...

I note for the record the Federal indictment of MA Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, charged with (actual) obstruction of justice and conspiracy for sneaking an illegal immigrant out of the courthouse to avoid ICE detention. The sneakee, a refugee Child of God of Color, had been charged with narcotics possession, was a fugitive from PA, and had been previously deported for criminal activity. Similar to the Svedish femmes vis-a-vis rape, I'm sure Judge Richmond Joseph is appalled by the opioid crisis.

UbuMaccabee said...

People learn through suffering. Or, they don't, and then they are corrected by dying.