Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Should We Allow Felons to Vote?

Uncle Bernie is at it again. The leading Democratic candidate for president, a man who is not really a Democrat anyway, was caught lying about his affection and support for the Soviet Union. In truth, it’s not just that he supported the Soviet Union; he even spent his honeymoon there. Uncle Bernie has gone on the record to support Castro’s Cuba and the Chavez and Maduro catastrophe unfolding in Venezuela.

Evidently, this makes him catnip to Democratic voters.

Or course, Uncle Bernie will look for incipient Democratic voters anywhere he can. Including in prison. Now the leading Democratic presidential candidate supports giving convicted felons the right to vote. That would include: murderers, rapists, gang bangers, serial killers, child molesters and terrorists. Presumably, Uncle Bernie will also extend the right to non-citizens, because we certainly do not want to discriminate, do we?

By our laws people who commit heinous crimes are deprived of their right to vote. If they do their time, the state of Florida has decided that they can have their right restored. As you might have guessed, it's a Democratic Party program.

But, the real question is this. Democratic politicians are now promoting the idea of giving convicted felons the right to vote for one basic reason. They are totally confident that said felons will be voting for Democrats. They will constitute a voting bloc that vastly prefers Democrats. 

You know as well as I do, that Uncle Bernie and his satraps would never support giving felons the right to vote if they had the least inkling that these hardened criminals would vote Republican.

So, how do they know that felons are natural born Democrats? What is there about the Democratic Party that elicits such universal support from the worst lowlifes in American society? Why does the Democratic Party attract the detritus of humanity?

And, consider this: the Democratic Party keeps telling us that white supremacists are the problem in today’s America. It keeps telling us that white people are criminal bigots, persecuting minorities. If such is the case, why are these nefarious folk so grossly underrepresented in America’s prisons? It doesn't seem just to me. 

As you know, if the prison system was a hotbed of conservative thought, Uncle Bernie and his Democratic comrades would be fighting to the death to keep convicted felons off the voter rolls. 


Anonymous said...

Pastur Darrell Myatt says Jews are doing God's will. Bernie is Jewish and gentiles are not to question God's commands to obey the authority of his Chosen people.

This is impoWRtant for gentIGLES to stop the genocide of aborted babies and grisly medical exSpearmintation on innocent baby fetuses. This is how God punishes gentiles for disobeying His Chosen race, Israelites. Christian gentiles are never to question the authority of God or else fetus will be exspearmint on and harvested for organs and facial cream.

Sam L. said...

Dems are all-in for felons? Whoever woulda guessed? ("Birds of a feather" comes to mind.)

Anonymous said...

Some of us in Vermont call him "the senator from Brooklyn".