Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Genius of Titania McGrath

Political correctness and “woke” consciousness so easily lend themselves to ridicule that you have to wonder why no one thought to do it before. Now, a British writer, by name of Andrew Doyle has created a fictional character named Titania McGrath. As you know doubt know, Titania is the name of the Queen of the Fairies (not to be confused with the Faerie Queen) from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And, by the way, did you hear the word “wrath” in McGrath?

Anyway, Titania has just brought out a book called Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. It’s available now on Amazon. For those who like a foretaste (or foreplay) of what is to come, Roger Kimball has collected some of  her wit and wisdom. He notes that the Guardian and the New Statesman have already denounced Titania. Also, Twitter has banned him/her four times. Obviously, they see a clear and present danger.

Here are a few samples:

If you don’t think exactly the same way as me, then you’ve clearly got a lot to learn about diversity.

On race, she says: 

I despise whiteness. Literally nothing about me is white except for my skin colour.

On Democracy:

It’s a broken kind of democracy that allows a majority of voters to impose their wishes on the rest of us.

On sexual relations between men and women:

Men who are attracted to women clearly have feminine tastes and are therefore probably gay.

I have posed nude for Penthouse in an effort to dismantle the patriarchy from within.

If you only have sex with people you find attractive, you might want to ask yourself why you’re such a superficial bigot.

On fat shaming:

You’ll notice there’s not a single obese player in the England football team. This kind of discrimination is precisely why the fat acceptance movement is so essential.” 

On homophobia:

We need to distinguish between bad homophobia and good homophobia. Bad homophobia is when a Christian bakery refuses to make a cake with a gay slogan. Good homophobia is when children are prevented from learning about gay rights in the name of Allah.

On Jussie Smollett:

It is absolutely essential that we believe Jussie Smollett. If we don’t, other people who haven’t been attacked might not have the courage to come forward.

And, from her Twitter account, this recent reflection on hate speech:

Given that hate speech is not possible without  free speech, and defense of free speech is a form of hate speech.

Nothing quite like exposing stupidity to the light of day. Sunlight, after all, is still the best disinfectant.


Whoopie said... has been doing a respectable parody of Leftism for over a decade. Do pay them a visit.

Sam L. said...

That man DOES funny! And really messes the heads that don't do funny.

Sam L. said...

The Babylon Bee does it pretty well, too.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

No fun allowed.

Sam L. said...

IAC: No fun???? You've gone over to the DARK SIDE.

Sam L. said...

That would be for FUN, not PROFIT.