Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Is Charlize Theron Mother of the Year?

Just in case you missed the story, famed actress Charlize Theron is bringing her son up as though he were a girl. Why so? Well, the boy, when he was aged three, announced that he was a girl, not a boy. And after all, we all respect the absolute truths uttered by three year olds. The child is apparently now seven years old.

Lucianne links to the story (via Maggie’s Farm):

Actress Charlize Theron has been raising her biologically-male son as a girl even since the child told her he wasn’t a boy when he was three years old.

That’s all it took for Theron to start raising her son Jackson, now seven, as a girl, the actress told The Daily Mail:

'Yes, I thought she was a boy, too,' Charlize agrees, briskly. 'Until she looked at me when she was three years old and said: 'I am not a boy!'

'So there you go!'”

Theron clothes young Jackson in dresses because “Who they (children) want to be, is not for me to decide.

I am not reporting on this story to show, yet again, that Hollywood celebrities are functional idiots. I am not suggesting, though I am sorely tempted, to recommend that the child be removed from an abusive home and put into foster care. I am not even recommending that Theron be indicted for child abuse. 

Not for today, I am not. I am reporting the story because Theron recently complained that she is having trouble getting dates.

In her words:

I've been single for 10 years, it's not a long shot. Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up. I'm shockingly available.

Considering that Theron is shockingly attractive and even famous, it is somewhat surprising that so many men have shown such good judgment. Considering the propensities and proclivities of some men—why we even have a fetishist, a hair sniffer, as a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination—it is shocking that so many men have had enough good sense to avoid getting involved with Charlize Theron.

Just when you were losing faith in men.... 


JPL17 said...

I am not reporting on this story to show, yet again, that Hollywood celebrities are functional idiots.

Though you won't object if that's one of my take-aways from your post, will you, Stuart?

JPL17 said...

Another thought: Maybe it's the "three strike rule" that keeps men away from Charlize? I.e., in that she:

--witnessed, as a young child, her mother's shooting and killing of her father;

--has spoken openly and fondly of her many lesbian affairs; and

--dresses her young son in dresses?

I don't know about other guys, but something about these 3 markers suggests to me, "Radioactive" ...

trigger warning said...

If her academic record, or lack thereof, is any indication, she's thick as an anvil. She'd be working an IHOP gig at best if not gifted with a face that would launch a luxury yacht. Nice derrière, tho'.

Sam L. said...

I wouldn't know her if I saw her, and I won't ever be near her.

Walt said...

So she wants men to "grow a pair" while she wants to remove a pair from her son. Got it.

Sam L. said...

I could say she's nuts, but as she's some kind of celebrity, that goes without saying.

Cheryl said...

God save us from these crazy Hollywood celebrities. They are the downfall of a sane civilization. Can't even imagine how this poor chap will turn out - what a horror unfolding.