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The Transgender Follies

From The Daily Wire and the National Review, here's the latest news from the transgender front. You understand that the culture war against Western Civilization and especially against biology has engendered a mass movement promoting transgenderism. That is, we are under assault by activists who promote the mutilation and sterilization of children. If you don't agree you are a bigot. You are refusing to accept the transgendered as being what they believe they are.

It is a gruesome story. It is beyond appalling. It signals, as Camille Paglia aptly stated,  cultural collapse. It has gone mainstream and has become legitimate. The sterilization and mutilation contingent is now supported by medical institutions and by the American government.

According to The Daily Wire (via Maggie’s Farm) transgender activists are now promoting the mutilation of 8-year-olds. After brainwashing them into believing that they are transgender:

Through FOIA requests, Dr. Michael Laidlaw, a California-based endocrinologist and some of his colleagues “found that in 2017 they lowered the minimum age for cross-sex hormones from 13 to 8,” the report said.

”Imagine giving 8-year-old girls testosterone," Laidlaw offered. ”They are in 3rd or 4th grade. This is unbelievable. But this is going on."

During the panel discussion, the endocrinologist detailed the dangers of medically treating children who are confused about their gender and showcased video clips of doctors Ilana Sherer and Johanna Olson-Kennedy, both of whom medically treat “transgender” children.

In a culture that respected itself, these people would be in jail.

Note well, in the Christian Post report, that this is being funded by the National Institutes of Health:

Sherer explained that puberty blockers are given to children at age 8 or 9, when they are in third and fourth grades. Olson-Kennedy is doing a 5-year study, for which she has received a $5.7 million National Institutes of Health research grant, and in one of her publications, it shows that mastectomies have been done on girls as young as 13. In the clip Laidlaw showed, Olson-Kennedy is seen on tape insisting adolescents have the capacity to make life-altering decisions, including to have their breasts removed.

Got it: thirteen year old girls should be allowed to decide to have double mastectomies.

Michael Laidlaw sounded the alarm:

Gender-confused teen girls as young as 13, Laidlaw warned, are having their breasts removed via mastectomy procedures, and boys the age of 17 are developing penises the developmental age of a nine-year-old’s or losing sexual sensation all together due to hormone blockers. Laidlaw cited TLC’s "I am Jazz” star Jazz Jennings as such an example. Jazz, who is male-to-female transgender, has reportedly never experienced sexual sensations or orgasms because of puberty-blocking drugs, the endocrinologist said.

The proper word is mutilation, though these children are also being sterilized:

Under the nebulous concept of ‘gender identity,’ children as young as 8 are receiving injections for gender transition treatment,” explained Laidlaw, according to The Christian Post report. “The phrase was defined in a recent court case as a person's ‘core internal sense’ of their own gender and that it was the ‘primary factor’ in determining their sex, not biology,” he added, noting that this information is false.

"This whole thing is an experiment on children,” asserted Laidlaw. “We are ignoring the voices of desisters and people who have come out of this and recognize their sex. And the NIH is allowing unethical research to be conducted on adolescents, in my opinion."

Evidence of the dangers abounds. Consider this:

A woman who has a “trans-identifying child” named Elaine also spoke out about the dangers in medically treating “trans” children.

“It’s not acceptable for doctors to remove healthy limbs from children, so why is it acceptable for doctors to remove healthy reproductive organs from children?" the mother asked.

"The 'experts' tell parents that it is harmful to question their children’s beliefs, that they must support their children’s medical transition, which includes a lifetime dependence on hormones, and that if parents do not comply, their children will be at higher risk of suicide," she said, adding, "These parents are being lied to as their children are harmed and their families are torn apart."

Writing in National Review Madeleine Kearns provides a comprehensive look at the issue, which obviously does not merely infect America. Western Europe is on board with this madness.

Kearns begins by telling the story of one Jazz Jennings, a boy who decided that he was a girl, to the adoration and adulation of the brain washed adults surrounding him:

Last year Jeanette Jennings, as part of the reality-TV show I Am Jazz, threw her 17-year-old child, Jazz, a “farewell-to-penis party.” Guests cheered as the teenager hacked at a phallus-shaped cake with a knife, shouting, “Let’s cut it off.” The party may have been a bit contrived even by reality-show standards, but the subsequent operation was all too real.

In any other context, we might consider the drug-induced stunting of a child’s penis, followed by its surgical removal, to be mutilation. But in an era of culturally and legally enshrined transgenderism, it’s not just permissible; it’s entertainment.

If you thought that 8 was too young for a child to choose such a life altering experience, now five year old children are being subject to the brainwashing:

But the mainstreaming of youth transgenderism goes way beyond Congress. In schools nationwide, children as young as five are being taught that they may have been born in the wrong body.

And thirteen-year-old girls who have mastectomies and who take testosterone injections can have it all done on their own. Perhaps you are not surprised, but Planned Parenthood has gotten into the transition business— putting the lie to the notion that all they care about is women’s health:

Some American girls have had double mastectomies as young as 13. Planned Parenthood operates on an “informed consent” basis — meaning that young people are briefed on “both the risks and the benefits” of cross-sex hormones and do not require a letter of referral from a therapist. The organization’s website states: “If you are eligible, Planned Parenthood staff may be able to start hormone therapy as early as the first visit.” Meanwhile, in 2015 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $5.7 million taxpayer-funded grant for a five-year study on “the impact of early medical treatment in transgender youth.” According to a progress report, the minimum age for the cross-sex-hormones cohort was decreased from 13 to eight.

To take the full measure of the brainwashing being offered, examine the technique of Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy… used on an eight-year-old girl:

In a presentation at the United States Professional Association for Transgender Health’s 2017 conference, Johanna Olson-Kennedy, the medical director of the largest transgender-youth clinic in the U.S. (and one of the doctors leading the NIH study), explained how she had interacted with an eight-year-old girl brought in by her mother.

According to her own account, Olson-Kennedy asked the girl, “Do you think that you’re a girl or a boy?” The child looked confused and answered, “I’m a girl because I have this body.” Olson-Kennedy then made up an analogy about Pop-Tarts being put in the wrong box, which prompted the girl to turn to her mother and say, “I think I’m a boy and the girl is covering me up.” After audience laughter, Olson-Kennedy remarked that this was an “amazing experience.”

Kearns describes the new treatment modalities:

In medical literature this new approach is called by the euphemism “gender affirmation.” It has three stages: socio-psychological treatment, which involves using a name, pronouns, clothes, etc. appropriate for the opposite sex; endocrinological treatment, using puberty-blocking drugs and then cross-sex hormones; and surgical treatment, removing or manipulating the minor’s sex organs. The latter stages are irreversible and can lead to sterility and sexual dysfunction. But the earlier measures can be harmful, too, as they make it less likely that the child will grow to accept his or her body.

It amounts to saying that you are what you believe you are, biology be damned. Activists believe that the only real problem is that all other people do not accept the transgendered for what they believe they are.

Transgender activists argue that this new diagnosis proves their theory that a gender-dysphoric girl is really a boy, and that the correct treatment is not to change the patient’s thoughts but to change the patient’s body — and everyone else’s thoughts.

Among the important issues, Kearns declares, is that of  “informed consent:”

In any case, “gatekeeping” aside, some basic principles are worth considering. First, minors, unlike adults, are unable to give informed consent to experimental treatments to their healthy and fully functioning bodies. Second, minors with acute gender dysphoria ought to be given every opportunity to work through their distress through non-invasive, researched therapies — a method that is proven to help the majority of young patients without permanently altering their bodies. Third, clinicians ought to base all treatment on evidence, not ideology.

As for the scientific community, which ought to be up in arms over this, the following report suggests that a few endocrinologists are beginning to rise up in anger:

In a letter to the editor published last fall in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the Endocrine Society’s leading journal, a group of endocrinologists who specialize in gland and hormone disorders state that “there are no laboratory, imaging, or other objective tests to diagnose a ‘true transgender’ child.” Therefore, they ask, “how can a physician ethically administer GAT [gender-affirmation therapy] knowing that a significant number of patients will be irreversibly harmed?”

And yet, those who do are threatened by activist mobs:

For instance, Kenneth Zucker, a global authority on childhood gender dysphoria with over 40 years’ clinical and research experience, was fired by his clinic in Toronto based on libelous claims that the clinic made public after activists launched a smear campaign against him. Zucker — who, incidentally, is open to transition treatments in acute cases of gender dysphoria, though he maintains that congruence between a patient’s gender identity and sex is the ideal outcome — has since been vindicated in a lawsuit.

It’s bad and it’s getting worse. Activists have convinced radical legislators that therapy for those who believe they are transgendered is equivalent with “conversion therapy” the practice which tries to persuade gays that they are not really gay. It is more than ironic, since many of the transgendered are really gay... and homophobic. Thus, more than 15 states now ban therapies that would help the transgendered to “reconcile” with their biological gender:

Therapies designed to reconcile a child with his or her sex are now illegal in more than 15 U.S. states, where they are considered a form of “conversion therapy” (the controversial practice of trying to change a gay person’s sexual orientation). Tried and tested treatments that are designed to reduce the feelings of distress associated with “gender dysphoria” cannot coexist with the dogmatic principle that “gender identity” is innate and immutable.

A leading journal of bioethics has now declared that transgendered children could choose to be treated without parental consent:

A recent paper in the American Journal of Bioethics goes one step further, arguing that “transgender adolescents” should have “the legal right” to undergo medical treatments without parental approval. Last month a judge in Canada created exactly that right, overruling a father’s attempt to stop his 14-year-old daughter from being injected with testosterone. Similar cases have occurred in the United States.

Activists recruit vulnerable children through online propaganda campaigns:

I recently interviewed three formerly transgender teens of the Pique Resilience project for One by one, they told me how they’d been drawn into the transgender fad after spending huge amounts of time online. They were drawn in because it seemed like “the in thing to do,” and because — when struggling with anxiety, depression, exclusion, bullying, and their sexualities — “every problem that I had I just felt that it was automatically answered, explained by this trans thing. And not only was it explained but it also offered me a solution.”

In some cases, parents have successfully saved their children, but these cases are likely to become increasingly rare:

Now these young women are infinitely grateful that their parents put the brakes on gender affirmation. Though one of them went on to have cross-sex hormones as an 18-year-old, she now regrets this decision and thinks “it’s messed up” that young people like her with “glaringly obvious” underlying reasons for not liking their bodies are being harmed. Luckily, these young women saw the light before it was too late. The heartbreaking part is that there are many thousands more for whom there will be no going back.

Sit back and consider what the activists have wrought. Are you surprised that nations around the world refuse to allow activists to militate within their borders?


Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder if all of the current leftist machinations have not happened before? That may be what we see in the past where some might consider that aliens built this or that and guided a tiny number of human beings in rebirth was actually us.
In that distant past, we became so divided into various tribal groups that we began to create situations where there was no real ability to speak to each other. It became so bad that the tribal groups got more enamored with attaining the ultimate status of victimhood. Women got to believe that they had the power of life and death starting with the fetus, then the just born "child?" and ultimately any toxic male. Women in a desire to absolve themselves of ideas they considered oppressive created a number of terms to separate and confuse.
The left believed a utopia was possible and started taking action to "weed out" all the deplorable, irredeemable and undesirable. This led to a war that consumed most of the world's population in that quest for utopia. The abolition of man became a fact because that was the only way to reach utopia. Fortunately, or unfortunately, a single male and female survived to carry the burden of repopulating the Earth. Because the Earth was so devastated, these two people's children were not aware of just how all of this had taken place.
When you see something that seems to indicate aliens, it might have been us who in our stupidity created it.

whitney said...

Killing babies, mutilating children and turning the women into whores. This culture is done. But it's an infection that spreads to all other cultures so I'm not sure what the endgame is here

trigger warning said...

Referring back to the comment thread following a recent post about "global warming", this sexual clown car of lunatic charlatans has eschewed "passive science" and dressed itself up in (bio)ethics and politics, abetted and sustained by Federal research money. There's nothing "passive" about body mutilation and deliberate hormone poisoning, right?

Re-summarizing Lindzen, "follow the money".

sestamibi said...

I stopped reading around graf 7. This is just too painful. These people need to be stopped by any means necessary.

whitney said...


UbuMaccabee said...

I do not comment on these child mutilation threads because what I want to say is best left unsaid. It can only be said in private. A day of reckoning will come for these evil men and women and their punishment will be terrible, and they will deserve it.

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

It is not a precise analogy, scripturally, but the ominous tone is the same. In this world or the next, payment will be exacted.

Sam L. said...

These people seem insane, but I see them as fools who are being duped.

P hall said...

It's like a voodoo cult for rich white people. Like environmentalism.