Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Joe Biden: Hair Sniffer in Chief

Hypocrisy Central is up and running. It has ginned up of its prodigious resources to defend Uncle Joe Biden, a creep who likes to stick his nose in women’s hair. The great thing about Creepy Uncle Joe is that he does it in public. At least, he should keep his fetishes to himself and indulge them in private… like a normal person.

But no, Uncle Joe liked to do it in public. In situations where the victims could not remonstrate, protest, object or even swat him off. Since when did forcing yourself on a woman who cannot say No become acceptable behavior? The answer is: when it was practiced by a Democrat. 

You know well that if a Republican had done the same thing, he would have been accused of rape, of a rape worse than any previous rape, of a rape that is worse than the Holocaust.

We are not peeping into someone’s private life. We have been watching this go on for years. Whether toward  Stephanie Carter or the thirteen year old Maggie Coons. I have pasted the Drudge compendium of pictures in order to allow you to examine the facial expressions of the Biden victims. If you think that a thirteen year old girl was not frightened and horrified about what Creepy Joe was doing, you need new glasses or a true moral sense.

Anyway, leftists who have been screeching about the horror of something that Donald Trump once said, and that he described as having been “acceptable” to the women in question, are out in force defending Uncle Joe. The same feminists were perfectly willing to crucify Brett Kavanaugh and to destroy his family over an unsubstantiated accusation. Now, the time has come for them to do what they did when Bill Clinton was accused of rape: to stand by their man.

Mika Brzezinski doesn’t have a problem with Biden’s affectionate ways. Whoopi Goldberg is cheering him on. Meghan McCain—neither the best nor the brightest—said that Biden is a nice man, his heart filled with human empathy. Stephanie Carter has come out and said that what Biden did was not a problem. So did Sen. Coons, on behalf of his daughter.

And yet, Lucy Flores and Amy Lappos have taken exception to this hallelujah chorus of putative feminists defending a sexual predator. We will see whether Creepy Uncle Joe survives it, but clearly, his campaign is in trouble. Over something that we have been watching for years... by the way.

Keep in mind, one of the reasons we have a #MeToo moment is… the Clintons. We had a sexual harasser and rapist in the White House. His wife was enabler-in-chief. Between them, the Clintons and their feminist enablers declared that a man could do anything he wanted to a woman, as long as he defended her right to choose. She had no right to refuse to choose to respond to his importunities, but all was well if he took the right political stands.

And besides, the feminist enablers have been proclaiming, there’s nothing sexual about a man sticking his nose in a woman’s hair. And it is not just feminists who are peddling this nonsense. It’s like saying that there’s nothing sexual about a man licking a woman’s toes… which might possess a kernel of truth were it not for the fact that for a foot fetishist, such activities are more than sexual. They are an aphrodisiac.

As for sticking his nose in a woman’s or a girl’s hair, it looks very much like a fetish… uncontrollable. And Biden’s attitude is starkly shameless. And yet, one point that everyone has ignored is very simple: a woman’s hair is saturated with pheromones, that is, with sexual attraction hormones. Even without going all Freudian on the symbolism of a man’s sticking his nose in a woman’s hair, we understand that Biden is a creep and a pervert. He could not resist the pheromones, whether the women wanted it or not. And, dare we say, he has absolutely no shame about it.


trigger warning said...

Ahhhhh. Anita Hill. Chickens, coming home to roost. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Where are the strong women of the Left when you need them?

whitney said...

The thing is is they don't care that they're hypocrites. They believe in the ends and however it takes to get there is fine. I find no benefit for me in getting excited about this stuff though I suppose it may have some benefit for people who are still in the grips of the left. I was a leftist once but I was never a True Believer it was more of that I just went along with my generation. It wasn't that hard to peel me away when the lies became too egregious. All the True Believers I knew are digging in even deeper and fully ensconced

Anonymous said...

It would be hilarious if someone dusted their hair with a little sneezing powder at an opportune moment :-D


Sam L. said...

Democrats have two sets of standards: They can do anything they want and it's OK; Republicans must be as pure or purer than angels.

UbuMaccabee said...

You nailed it. Joe has a fetish and he cannot, or will not control it in public.

Aside from his lack of erotic self-control, the guy is a low-life who will say anything to get elected. Try and listen to this pile of garbage without wincing. The guy is a coward.


Every bit of it is a self-serving lie--especially the nonsense about "rule of thumb." Boy is he lazy.