Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Clinton Crony Convicted

Clinton crony Harvey Weinstein has been convicted on charges of sexual assault and rape. He faces nearly three decades in prison. 

Today, he sits in Bellevue Hospital, after complaining of chest pains. Surely, as he protests his innocence he must be seriously disturbed to see that his good friend Bill Clinton got away with acts that were as heinous as his.

Besides, Weinstein believed that contributing to the right causes would save him from prosecution. If he had any doubts he would be lounging on a beach in Rio today.

Apparently, he has been deemed the chosen scapegoat, the one who can be sacrificed to the gods of political correctness, the better to preserve the good names of the Clintons.

Emily Jashinsky reminds us that the Weinstein trial was also an indictment of Hollywood.

More importantly, the conviction starkly underscores that Me Too is also a conviction of Hollywood, as the industry of incessant moralizing spent years whispering privately about the producer out of one side of its mouth while publicly offering praise from the other.

Hollywood nitwits are constantly preaching about moral virtue. They seriously failed to police themselves:

At this year’s Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais memorably torched Hollywood for its complicity in the Weinstein case. In the wake of the industry’s self-correction campaign, its years of silence on Weinstein should not be forgotten: both because the silence enabled the mogul to harm more women, and because all that happened while Hollywood styled itself as America’s moral compass.

Nevertheless, it would be unwise to forget all those complicit in Weinstein’s reign of abuse, leaders in an industry helmed by elites who pride themselves on passing superior moral guidances down to the masses. 

She continues:

The hollow morality of our purportedly moral elites is a reality Me Too, for all its faults, laid bare in months of disturbing news cycles. It is rightfully unsettling. It rightfully mingles with other concerns the public has about our ruling class, some of which drive them to the embrace of populists, waiting with open arms.

Let us not forget, it was Harvey Weinstein himself who said in 2009, “Hollywood has the best moral compass.”

Surely, Weinstein got away with it, openly and shamelessly, because he supported the correct leftist causes:

Weinstein visited the White House nine times during the Obama administration, and was a major donor to Democratic causes. In addition to his influence in Hollywood, Weinstein’s extensive political involvement continues to raise questions about years of complicity among self-interested elites, who arguably could have protected dozens of women from misconduct by taking action sooner.

A Clinton crony has been convicted. We honestly hope that he does not end up like that other Clinton crony Jeffrey Epstein. 

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UbuMaccabee said...

I am very ambivalent here. On the one hand, HW is a leftist big-dollar bundler who has been instrumental in destroying western civilization from his perch in Hollywood. If he were struck dead by a taxi, I'd order a double. I loathe the man because of his shitty ideas, not for anything to do with this trial.

Now, on to this travesty being called a trial. This is a catastrophe. Doubt me? Here are a couple sources. Decide for yourself. HW was given a show trial. This was a disgrace, and Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney have said as much. They watched it, end-to-end. Roger Stone and Paul Manfort got a better deal by far.


Here is another good take on the fake news component of this mess.


Big picture, it's not my problem, I'm not directly exposed, and I have nothing to do with the society of wahmen in general. But if you are cheering what just went on in a New York courtroom, I hope you do not have a young son. Our justice system is on life support.

Ubu warned you. You are cheering the Jacobins.

Oh, and to think this can be used to beat up the Dem and Hollywood power elites for their links to HW, you are delusional. It will have zero effect on any of it. Zero.