Friday, February 21, 2020

The Next Logical Step

From Twitter:

At least 1 in 50 male prisoners now identify as transwomen and are looking to be transferred to female prisons.



whitney said...

Weird how no one ever goes the other way.

Seriously, I can see some guys doing it out of sheer boredom. Especially if you have a life sentence. What a way to break up the monotony!

Sam L. said...

I wouldn't call it "logical", but I can maybe get my head around the WHY of it.

UbuMaccabee said...

I support their transition 100%. Ubu vigorously supports "Klingerism." Ingenious and subversive at so many levels. In the Who/Whom equation. The man criminal becomes female criminal is the who. The wahmens are the whom. Bravo, man-to-notman-sex-criminal, bravo! White male sex offender transgender > all wahmans. The Trump card of identity politics.

Back to Cathedral power hierarchy.

1. Do not mess with GloboHomo or GloboTransHomo. They rule Cathedral. Elite caste.

Anonymous said...

A friend works at Folsom Prison doing some form of counseling. She (a very tough chick) has lots of inmates claiming to be women, and she's forced to refer to them as "she" and use their names-of-the-week.

Also, when sitting at a table with these same inmates, they are required to keep their hands on the table at all times. Otherwise they may quickly engage in IDX for her benefit. Go ahead and look it up.

Mentally ill predators, and all the guards and prison employees know it.