Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A Vision of America's Green Future

As a new day dawns in Washington-- how’s that for a cliched rhetorical flourish-- incoming president Biden is going to unite the country. Among his gestures is a full-throated embrace of patriotism-- suggesting that the Democratic Party, thanks to Barack Obama-- had turned its back on patriotism, thus disuniting the country. 

To coin another cliche-- that’s not all, folks. The incoming administration will happily declare war on thought crimes, that is, on bigotry. Given a golden opportunity by the January 6 swarming of the Capitol, they are not going to let this one go to waste. They had been facing a problem over the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that consumed major American cities for months on end. Now, they have been given a chance to launch a witch hunt against the radical right. 

Dare we say that nothing so decisively divides a country than a war against thought crimes. That is, a war against bigotry. Obviously, the Obama presidency had already dedicated itself to such a battle. How did that one work out?

When it comes to the war on bigotry, you can see how forward thinking the Biden administration will be. It has just nominated someone named Rachel Levine, a Pennsylvania official, to the post of assistant secretary of health. She would be the highest level transgendered official in American history. I will not add a picture, but if Rachel Levine looks to you like a woman, you have some serious mental problems.

Then again, maybe she should consult Joe Biden’s cosmetic surgeon. I trust that you are proud to know that our incoming president is the first American president to have undergone cosmetic surgery. 

And he is not only the oldest man ever to become president, but he is the first who is suffering from senile dementia. Physician turned hedge fund tycoon Dr. Michael Burry has said so. And Burry added that the progress of senile dementia is quite rapid. Something to look forward to. If you would like to read about Burry, consult Michael Lewis's book, The Big Short.

For sure the press will do everything in its power to cover for good old Joe, but everyone knows that he cannot possibly do the job. All indications suggest that he will have a shadow president, in the person of Susan Rice, who will do the heavy lifting. This also tells us that Kamala Harris is not even close to being qualified for her job. 

Besides, the media has already geared up for the Biden presidency. It has tried its best to crush the story about Biden family influence peddling. If the U. S. Attorney in Delaware is investigating Hunter Biden, you can feel confident that he will be fired, and that the media will say nothing about it. As for Joe Biden’s hair sniffing fetish, his violation of countless females, the story has already been squashed. You will hear no more about it.

And then there is the climate. The incoming administration is going to unite the nation and to unite the world in a war against the weather. Climate change activism has scored big with the Biden crowd. That more than a few of the world’s leading climate scientists, led by MIT’s Richard Lindzen, believe that the threat is seriously overblown, means nothing. 

We must repeal the Industrial Revolution, because it was produced by Anglo-Saxons. So, we will be following the glorious example of countries like Germany, that shut down their nuclear power plants and now find themselves standing tall and proud as world leaders in self-deconstruction.

Of course, Germany will now depend on Russian natural gas, assuming that the Keystone pipeline ever gets finished. It was a great victory for Chancellor Merkel and shows us why everyone kept saying that Donald Trump was Vladimir Putin’s bitch.

Of course, the Biden administration is certainly not going to lead a world war against the weather. The world is a big place and China-- to choose an example at random-- is building coal-powered and nuclear plants as fast as it can. So, the Biden administration will set out to diminish American energy, the better to soothe the fevered brows of the climate change lobby. But, how well will we be able to compete against countries that did not get caught up in the hysteria?

In the current clash of civilizations, the Biden presidency has declared that it will do everything in its power to self-deconstruct. If you think that we will win an economic competition by having more blackouts and by sending industry out of the country, to places where energy is more abundant and cheaper, you have another think coming.

In case you want to know what the Biden team has in store, we examine a report by one P. Gosselin about the current situation in Germany.

He opens thusly:

Before the days of climate alarmism and hysteria, the job of deciding how to best produce electricity was left to power generation engineers and experts – people who actually understood it. The result: Germany had one of the most stable and reliable power grids worldwide.

Then in the 1990s, environmental activists, politicians, climate alarmists and pseudo-experts decided they could do a better job at generating power in Germany and eventually passed the outlandish EEG green energy feed-in act and rules. They insisted that wildly fluctuating, intermittent power supplies could be managed easily, and done so at a low cost.

How did that work out?

Fast forward to today: The result of all the government meddling is becoming glaringly clear: the country now finds itself on the verge of blackouts due to grid instability, has the highest electricity prices in the world, relies more on imports and is not even close to meeting its emissions targets.

Germany’s rickety and moody power grid now threatens the entire European power grid stability, as we recently witnessed.

That means, on January 8 Europe nearly had a blackout.

So what solution does Berlin propose today? You guessed it: more meddling and interference, more outlandish bureaucrat solutions. Included among them are shutting down the remaining baseload coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and relying even more on the power sources that got the country into its current mess in the first place.

And new are restrictions as to when power can be consumed by consumers and industry! Energy rationing and targeted blackouts.

Think about it, energy rationing and targeted blackouts. You would think you were in California.

So, here is vision of your future:

To deal with the power grid problems, Germany’s Economics Minister Peter Altmaier presented a draft law that would allow electric utilities “to temporarily cut off charging power for e-cars when there is once again too little electricity available”, an idea known as “peak smoothing”.

“Shutdowns due to power shortages have been practiced for some time. Aluminum smelters, for example, have to put up with having their power cut off for limited periods of time,” reports Tichys Einblick. “These, like refrigerated storage facilities, consume great amounts. It’s a dangerous game because after three hours the molten metal has solidified and the factory is ruined.”

It’s called rationing.

The situation in the German power grid has deteriorated so much that Tichys Einblick also comments: “The situation in the power grids has become too critical. The only thing that helps are abstruse ideas like: ‘You are not allowed to refuel your car from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day!’”

A law that would allow for “peak smoothing” has been demanded by power utilities for some time now as they struggle to keep the increasingly wind and solar powered grid from careening out of control and into blackness. In other words: targeted blackouts.

And as Tichy Einblick mentions, the increasing number of cars on the market will only serve to cause more extreme power demand peaks. Currently Germany is set to make a major push into electric mobility this year.

Tichy comments further: “The German government has recognized that in the future electricity system, it will no longer be possible to satisfy every demand at all times. Therefore, the control of the consumer side should be put on legal feet.” […] “Controllable consumers such as heat pumps, electric heaters and wall-boxes, i.e. charging stations for e-mobiles, would then be switched off variably at times.”

This is the sorry state of Germany’s once highly regarded power grid.

Guess what, the nations of the Far East will not have to do very much to win the clash of civilizations. The West is self-deconstructing. It is going to run out of energy. But, we will all feel ever so much better when we see that we have made it to the moral high ground and are saving the planet. 


370H55V said...

A couple of years ago, the president of the British electric utility, National Grid, Stephen Holliday, said the same thing about consumers just not going to be able to have power whenever they want.

Punch line: National Grid bought out Niagara-Mohawk power some years ago and now is the power company serving large swathes of upstate New York and New England. Don't know if Holliday is still in charge, but I assume his successors are no better. Question is will American customers put up with this shit?

Sam L. said...

The STUPID is STRONG in these ones.

jmod46 said...

And the huge push for requiring all-electric vehicles by--name your date, 2030? Of course, all vehicle manufacturers are now committed to producing EV's. So we essentially have Germany and California rushing to implement two bone-crushingly, diametrically-opposed ideas at the same time: All renewables and all EV's. One wonders how many EV's can be sold when people don't know if they can actually drive them. But maybe The Bullet Train will be finished by 2030, so that may solve all their problems...

It would be amusing if it were not so pathetic.

David Foster said...

I don't think that the hostility to the Industrial Revolution has anything to do with its development by Anglo-Saxons. Rather, it is due to its perceived opposition to some imagined pre-Industrial pastoral past.

Regarding electricity: there are a lot of authorities asserting that wind power, or even solar power, is now cheaper than coal and gas. This may be true in some cases IF you calculate cost by simply dividing total cost by total energy produced and you don't care WHEN that energy was produced. People have a very hard time grasping that electricity is a different kind of thing from coal or iron ore or flour that can just be kept around until you need it.

The idea that a Joe Biden could comprehend that a Megawatt and a Megawatt-Hour are two different things, and why this matters, is ludicrous.

David Foster said...

See also my post Freezing in the Dark:

370H55V said...

@David Foster

I spent my entire career in the electric utility business and came across more than a few who didn't know the difference either. Frightening.

Lowghost said...

"It has just nominated someone named Rachel Levine, a Pennsylvania official, to the post of assistant secretary of health. She would be the highest level transgendered official in American history. I will not add a picture, but if Rachel Levine looks to you like a woman, you have some serious mental problems. Then again, maybe she should consult Joe Biden’s cosmetic surgeon."

For someone who regularly emphasizes the value of decorum these straight-up vulgar remarks are out of character. Looks to me like Levine is perfectly qualified. After 5 years of letting Trump's ignoble behavior slide because "his policies are good", one assumes we would be willing to overlook Levine's mug. It going to take some getting used to but that's life. Apparently she's saved a lot of lives in Pennsylvania. She was unanimously confirmed by the Senate to boot.

David Foster said...

370H55V....Megawatts vs Megawatt-Hours

I have rarely seen a journalist, and that includes business journalists, who understands the difference. Measuring the storage capacity of a battery system (or whatever) in Megawatts is like measuring the storage capacity of your car's gas tank in housepower.

If the cluelessness extends even to people in the utility business itself, then....

Anonymous said...
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Sam L. said...

Let us not forget that when solar panels die, they are hazardous waste.