Monday, January 4, 2021

America's Troubled Youth

You have to give the new American culture some credit. It has systematically undermined the minds and the bodies of America’s young people-- to the point where a large majority cannot qualify to serve in the military.

But, if America’s youth are too fat or too stupid to serve in the military, how do we expect them to become world class competitors in the marketplace? How do we expect to compete in the clash of civilizations?

After all, as William James astutely argued a century or so ago, industry and commerce are the moral equivalent of war. 

Here is the news, via Zero Hedge:

A recent report in military news site Task & Purpose highlights that military recruitment could soon slump nationwide in large part because America's youth are too fat or in other cases too dumb to fight.

Going back a number of years this has been an increasing concern expressed by a growing chorus of both active and retired military leaders. It was also weeks ago expressed in a Dec.17 letter to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller signed by almost 800 retired admirals and generals. 

They warn that over 70% of young Americans between 17 and 24 can't make into military ranks because they are "too poorly educated, too overweight, or have a history of crime or substance abuse."

As though a 70% fail rate were not bad enough, the true numbers are worse:

Further the head of the Marine Corps recruiting was also quoted as follows:

Maj. Gen. Jason Bohm, the head of Marine Corps Recruiting Service, said far fewer than 30% of young people are eligible to serve in that branch.

"If you break it down further into those skill sets, intelligence level, and the physical ability level, those that we're looking toward bringing into the Marine Corps... quickly decreases to about 7%," he said.

"That's enormously challenging."

For years the bipartisan group "Mission: Readiness" has highlighted the lack of health among America's youth, potentially impacting national security on a long-term basis….

Too fat, too dumb, out of shape, lacking relevant skill sets-- tell me that are still optimistic about America’s future.

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