Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Politics of Personal Destruction

Yesterday, President Biden proclaimed that democracy had won, that it had emerged triumphant. His party had thrown a temper tantrum for four long years, and now it had got its way. Like a child who wants a piece of candy and will not let you in live in peace until it gets what it wants, the Democratic Party feels good today because it has succeeded.

In truth, Democrats believe that democracy has won when they have won. After all, aren’t they the democracy party?

In truth, the mob won. The months-long violent protests, tolerated and even encouraged by Democratic officials, had borne fruit. They had scared enough people into voting for Democrats. One understands why right wing activists concluded that political violence was the new lingua franca in American politics. They were wrong to do so. In truth, political violence is only valid when it comes from the left. Their president was wrong to provoke an attack on the Capitol-- more so since that event has become the rationale for an attack on anyone who thinks differently.

Biden’s first presidential address was suitably vapid and nasty. He intoned the usual bromides about bringing the country together and then declared war on white supremacy and against anyone who does not accept leftist ideology. 

Obviously he is not going to unite the country. He could have found the reason in the Bible, where it tells us to do unto others as we would have others do unto us. This means, to be perhaps too clear, that if we want people to respect us we should begin by respecting them. If we want people to work with us, we should begin by working with them.

Considering that the Democratic Party declared all-out war against the Trump administration and the Republican Party there is no way on God’s earth that Republicans are going to submit to the Biden presidency. Even though they have lost hold of the levers of power, Republicans will still be able to counter the Biden wish for unity and comity.

Republicans will understand that Democrats only care about unity when they win. Otherwise, they are all for resisting. 

So, in the presence of George W. Bush, who did not seem to know what was happening, Joe Biden denounced his political opponents as liars. You will recall that the Democratic Party, the party of comity, declared George W. a liar, every hour on the hour, for years.

Since the Democratic Party had been lying about Donald Trump for four years, from the lies about Russian collusion to the lies about the Ukraine quid pro quo, and that Joe Biden had been lying about his son Hunter’s business dealings and about Tara Reade, it was rich indeed.

Among the first acts of the new president was erasing the 1776 Project from the White House web site. As you know, the Trump administration had commissioned this survey of America’s founding in order to correct the lies that had been trafficked by the New York Times’s 1619 project. The Times project has become one of the key documents in the war against white supremacy, so naturally, it will need to be saved. As the the 1776 Project, it bespeaks patriotism, and thus white supremacy, and must go. 

Joe Biden made the correctly patriotic gestures yesterday, but, in deleting the 1776 Project he showed that his patriotic display was mere show, lacking substance.

After all, he is going to war against white supremacy, and no one was more white supremacist than our founding fathers. Right?

This means that the insurrection mounted by Black Lives Matter was righteous, even if it resembled a pogrom. It was a months long Kristallnacht, the night of the broken glass. And this also means that the January 6 attack on the Capitol is a crime against humanity. 

Yesterday also saw the American press, an unethical and dishonest bunch of journalists, drool shamelessly over the greatness of Joe Biden. After defaming and harassing the Trump administration for four years, they will go on to publish puff pieces about Biden and his family. They are so happy they can barely contain their glee. It was a pathetic display, one that ought to cause them great shame-- if they had any sense of shame.

But, they know that the mob won and they want to be on the right side of the mob when it comes knocking. They are easily threatened and intimidated. Democracy was not on the ballot last November. Mob violence and political harassment were. For years now, and it certainly predates the last president, the Democratic Party has been practicing the politics of personal destruction.

We saw its ugliness in the constant attacks on President Trump. We certainly saw it in the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh. We are seeing it now in the efforts to purge universities and the media of dissenting voices. Remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Well, that time is over. Either you adhere to woke ideology or you are going to be canceled, your life destroyed, your children become pariahs, never able to work again.

Rep. Maxine Waters, an idiot among idiots, called for her supporters to harass Trump administration officials. Wherever you see them, she said, make it impossible for them to have dinner or to buy gasoline in peace. Like a born-again Ernst Rohm she was leading her own Storm Troopers in a war against Trump, his family and his friends.

When Democrats attack Republicans, you can feel confident that they are doing it themselves.

The point is so obvious that one ought not to have to make it, but today’s Democratic Party, what with its wokeness and culture wars, is not fighting for policy. It is not trying to win at deliberative debate. Its major strategy is to destroy the opposition, to silence it, to cancel it. Its leaders are obviously too stupid to debate the issues, thus they will do everything in their power to destroy anyone who disagrees with their ideological imperatives.

Surely, it is not over. The media and America’s elite intellectuals still want to destroy Trump. Niece Mary Trump is salivating over the possibility. So, prosecutors are going to try to indict Trump. They are going to attack his family, beginning with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Think about it. Now the Kushner family cannot live in New York, lest they be treated as pariahs or harassed on the street. Recently, members of Maxine Waters’ army saw Jared and Ivanka eating in a restaurant in Palm Beach and told them to go back to Mar-a-lago. 

Think about it some more. The Kushners are Jewish, orthodox Jewish, if you will. Young Jared was instrumental in guiding American Mideast policy to favor Israel. The Biden presidency will move it in another direction-- it has already declared that America’s Israeli ambassador is the ambassador for Gaza and the West Bank. Thus, they are happily embracing the Palestinian cause. 

As you know, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner forged a peace treaty between Israel and several of its Arab neighbors. The Abraham Accords were an exceptional diplomatic achievement.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu declared that Donald Trump was a great friend of the state of Israel and a great friend of the Jewish people. 

For that liberal American Jews decided that Donald Trump had to be destroyed. After all, supporting rioters who hate Jews is much more important than showing some respect for Donald Trump and his family. Liberal Jews are the reason that the Kushners cannot go back to New York City.

To be fair, the Trump administration received strong support from orthodox Jews.

I would like to say that they are just stupid. Unfortunately, it is worse than that. They are afraid; they are cowards; they are supporting the radical Jew-hating left because they fear the armies of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.

Now they are going to go all-in to fight systemic racism and to ensure that their children be indoctrinated in anti-Semitic anit-racism ideology. As their minds are filled with self-hatred for their own success, for their white privilege, they will happily support an administration that is hard at work undermining Israel and empowering Iran.

Anything but Donald Trump and his Jewish family members.


Illuninati said...

"I would like to say that they are just stupid. Unfortunately, it is worse than that. They are afraid; they are cowards; they are supporting the radical Jew-hating left because they fear the armies of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan."

You are Jewish and a psychologist so perhaps you are correct that they are driven by fear. The people you refer to come across as vicious people who hate and fear middle class and blue collar Americans.

Lowghost said...

Yes, Trump and Kushner were busy with Israel. Now Israeli's can vacation in Dubai. Woohoo! Meanwhile 400,000 Americans died of a virus the Trump administration practically ignored. "Don't be afraid of Covid!" Trumps words not mine. Here's to hoping Biden can jumpstart the national effort to beat Covid-19. This strikes me as a priority.

Christopher B said...

Here's to hoping Biden can jumpstart the national effort to beat Covid-19.

Perhaps you've heard of this?'s%20goal%20is,and%20diagnostics%20(collectively%20known%20as

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the D’s are not acting in fear, but in the power they have with the Spooks, Big Tech, most of MSM, all D’s & too many R’s putting wind in their sails – full speed ahead.

The title is most appropriate: “The Politics of Personal Destruction.” Biden won, not on issues & deeds, which were rarely discussed throughout Trump’s term, but by personal attacks generating Trump hate. It is hard to imagine so many millions FOR Biden, rather than against the Personally Destroyed Trump.

A neighbor voted for Biden & in all of our discussions, he mostly approved of what Trump did, but said he didn’t like Trump because he didn’t talk like polished leader.

Power corrupts. I see no sign of their stopping. Why would they? It works & will until it doesn't.

Sam L. said...

Well, the vaccines have been made, and I got my first shot 2 days ago, in a very rural area, so I don't agree with LowGhost. Trump already jump-started it.

370H55V said...

Once again, if Hitler were non-white . . .

Anonymous said...

I suggest that LowGhost be careful about the KoolAid he/she/zie drinks. Some of it can be quit toxic.