Sunday, January 24, 2021

Antifa Rising on the Left Coast

Nothing much was going on in Washington, D. C. this week, but life was returning to normal on the left coast. There, the Storm Troopers of Antifa were expressing their limitless and inexhaustible rage-- against the Democratic Party, and against the cities of Portland and Seattle.

Naturally, the local authorities did as little as they could, because these Storm Troopers are parading around declaring themselves to be leftists.

Andy Ngo has the story, via Maggie’s Farm.

Beginning in Portland:

In Portland, Black Lives Matter-Antifa made good on their pre-announced “J20” (January 20) riot. Around 150 Antifa dressed in black shut down traffic as they marched unimpeded to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. They held a large banner showing a Kalashnikov and the text, “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN—WE WANT REVENGE!”

They destroyed the offices by smashing its windows one-by-one using hammers and metal batons. They dragged dumpsters on the street and started a fire. Their comrades shielded them from cameras with large black umbrellas.

The police eventually arrived on the scene, so the group dispersed. It regrouped later that evening, to attack a federal building. Federal officers dispersed the rioters.

When Portland Police responded, they confiscated knives, batons, a crowbar, pepper spray and homemade firebombs from Antifa. However, most of them quickly dispersed into the neighborhood in small groups. Police only made eight arrests. Four of them had been arrested at Antifa riots in 2020.

Later that night, Antifa regrouped in southwest Portland where they chanted, “F– Joe Biden” while marching to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. Dressed in riot gear, they brandished shields, batons and rocks. Federal officers used flash bangs and tear gas to disperse the rioters. Portland Police arrested seven, three of whom were also charged over riots last year.

For example, Justin Bowen, who was charged with reckless endangerment, attempted assault on police and other riot-related crimes, was arrested for the fourth time overnight. All his charges were dropped by morning.

Happily enough, none of the rioters are going to be charged. After all, they are on the left side of the culture wars, so we need to show special consideration.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Antifa celebrated Inauguration Day by rioting in the downtown area.

It wasn’t only Portland that experienced Inauguration Day rioting. In Seattle, hundreds of Antifa shut down traffic in downtown as they trashed roads and started street fires. They smashed up numerous businesses and the William Kenzo Nakamura Court House. They assaulted a citizen on the street. Like their black-clad brethren in Portland, they used umbrellas to shield one another. Around 7 p.m., they marched to Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, where they proceeded to vandalize and loot the original Starbucks, a popular tourist attraction. Police only managed to arrest three suspects.

According to the media, nothing really happened:

The planned political violence in Seattle and Portland on Wednesday should have generated front-page headlines. The state headquarters of a governing political party was severely vandalized in broad daylight — the second attack on a Democrat Party building in Portland since November. But because the attackers espoused the right politics from the left, they are conveniently ignored by mainstream media and politicians.

Some believe Antifa would fade away after Biden’s electoral win. They’re wrong. With the convenient excuse of resisting “Donald Trump’s fascist regime” no longer applicable, Antifa are just getting started.

It makes a certain amount of sense. Rioting this summer was largely restricted to cities that were run by Democrats. Now, with Democrats in charge of the government, it’s open season for the new Storm Troopers.


Anonymous said...

There was no mention of any of this in the local NY news that I watched. I suspect it would have been different if they were chanting “WE DON’T WANT TRUMP—WE WANT REVENGE!”

Sam L. said...

As I keep saying, if you have a Democrat mayor and a Democrat governor, it's past time to move well away from there.