Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Advice from a 26 Year Old

It’s slightly surprising, but not impossible, for a 26 year old to be offering some very good advice. The woman who does it is an incipient marketing tycoon named Shama Kabani.

It’s more surprising that this advice is not about dating, mating, relationships, or fashion. Not at all.

Kabani has given us 26 lessons about how to succeed in business. I daresay, there’s a need for such advice. If you are roughly Kabani’s age, and are more comfortable taking advice from someone in your own peer group, you have much to gain from her lessons.

Link here.


David Foster said...

Not bad....Reminded me of something I posted several years ago, after a Washington Post profile of 20 women who've been successful in business:


Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thanks for the link to an excellent post.