Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trade in Your Feminism for Femininity

Young women of America unite; you have nothing to lose but your clunkers.

You know which clunkers I mean. The ones called Feminism. You remember when you bought it. You knew that if you weren't driving around campus in that old clunker, your professors would take it out on your GPA.

Now that you have graduated from college, or are preparing for that momentous occasion, it’s time to trade in your old Feminism for a brand spanking new Femininity.

So suggests Susan Walsh in two important posts on her blog, HookingUpSmart. Linked here and here.

Beyond offering much excellent advice, Walsh also engages a vigorous open debate about the question. It’s always a step forward.

As Walsh found out, feminism still has its defenders. And femininity has some rather strident detractors.

In her second post Walsh has collected comments from feminists who are still clinging to their clunkers. These comments show us how feminist talking points have infiltrated the minds of the best of America’s young women.  

As for the greatest of the feminist canards, the one that tells you that embracing your femininity will cost you your career, it is rank nonsense.

Remove your blinders, open your eyes, look around you. You will see any one of a number of powerful female politicians who are unquestionably feminine.

If they weren’t the living refutation of the feminist attack on women, they would not be singled out for feminist opprobrium. I should not even have to tell you who they are. Think: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Nikki Haley.

Regardless of what you think about their politics, these women, by their very existence, provide living proof that feminism is an ideological ponzi scheme.

Get out of it while you can. If you liberate yourself from feminism, a bright future beckons.


Susan Walsh said...

Stuart, thanks so much for taking up the call for femininity! I hadn't even thought of politicians, but it's an excellent point.

I admit I was taken aback by the strong response from readers. It's not like I have a heavily feminist readership - which demonstrates just how thoroughly indoctrinated young American women are.

Meanwhile, the male commenters were unsurprisingly 100% in favor of more femininity, and feel that it's something they rarely see in a young woman.

Robert Pearson said...

To further elaborate, Palin, Bachmann and Haley are serious threats to Feminism because they are attractive, conservative winners who have multiple children. I think that's the "existential" threat--they didn't abort and forged to the top anyway. Aborting your children to preserve your future career is such a pillar of Feminism that these three are especially dnagerous to that worldview.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thanks, as always to Susan. She does a great job on her blog and I'm happy to have the chance to acknowledge it publicly.

I think that Robert has a great point, but, if I may, I was talking to a friend who is a solid feminist the other day and she said that she has enormous respect for Michele Bachmann because she brought up so many foster children.

This woman has a decided distaste for Sarah Palin, but she thinks very highly Michele Bachmann.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

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