Monday, July 11, 2011

A Healthy Lifestyle Will Improve Your Sex Life

If that does not convince you to get up from the couch and adopt a healthier lifestyle, I don’t know what will.

Happily, the news comes to us from a website called Nerve.  In case you’ve never seen it, Nerve is devoted to helping you to improve your sex life. If you think that more and more obsessing about sex will improve your sex life, then perhaps it will.

Today, Nerve explains that if you don’t exercise, if you don’t have a healthy diet, and if you use illicit drugs... you are going to have less sex. Not just have less, but want less. When you do have sex, you will enjoy it less.

People have been led to believe that stoners and druggies, the idle rich and the aesthetes have more, better sex.

It turns out that they have less sex and that the sex they do have is not so good. Somehow or other God does not reward you for your bad health habits by giving you more and better orgasms. So, if you want to excel as a sybarite or a voluptuary trade in the opium den for the gym.

Who knew?


Anonymous said...

It didn't improve mine. And i've been healthy my whole life. I did and still do notice, however, that the junkies, moron and idle rich always got it. A lot of it. I don't know about the quality, but they did and do get it. It's done little for me however. No matter, my reasons for doing so were not sexual, but I can't say that there is any truth to that study based on experience. said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of helpful info above!