Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dennis said...

Increasingly I find myself laughing uproariously at the desperation, poor dissembling, the bold lies and the childishness of Obama and his cadre of fellow travelers. The fear among this group has gotten so bad that it is just plain clumsy.
We have the ever consistent rush to blame the Sarah Palin, the TEA party, et al for everything that has most of its inception in Obama's party and its failure to even try to produce a budget even when they controlled every part of the federal government. The ever consistent rush to blame every disaster on Conservatives as quickly as possible before it comes out that almost everyone of the perpetrators has strong Leftist tendencies. It would seem that even in Norway we have a lone terrorist who essentially change a few words of the "Unibomber's Manifesto" which seems to bring up the question of just how Leftwing was this lone perpetrator? It would be nice if we just blamed bad people for the bad things they do instead of trying to lay the blame everywhere else.
Just another example of the fear that is growing from the Left, Obama and that thing that calls itself the Democrat party. And NO I am not a Republican. I was a Democrat for 40 years when it had people like "Scoop" Jackson instead of these "class warfare" pimps and race hustlers. At some point one has to ask "How low can they go before even they cannot stand themselves.?

Dennis said...

Interesting that Jackson and Jackson/Vanik did as much as Ronald Reagan to bring down the USSR. Jackson set the standard for dealing with "Fear Societies" and Kissinger's "Detente" only served to extend "Fear Societies" everywhere.
Does there exist a Democrat of Jackson's intelligence, love of country, et al? I fear not.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

If the polls are right, it looks like the American public might be catching on. Or am I being too optimistic?