Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chris Christie Explodes

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has learned his lesson.

The Republican governor and presumptive presidential candidate can elicit an avalanche of positive media coverage by trashing Republicans.

Mitt Romney perfected the art during the 2012 primary election campaign. During the those debates Romney was constantly unloading on Republicans. So passionate were his attacks on Republicans that he had nothing left to go after Barack Obama.

I mentioned at the time that Romney was violating Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.

Last November Romney discovered that attacking Republicans makes you look disloyal and unlikable. It is also bad for turnout. 

If Chris Christie rides a wave of media adulation to the presidential nomination in 2016 he will likely discover the same thing.

Putting aside the question of whether the House should have passed a pork-laden Senate relief bill, Christie stole the media spotlight with his out-of-control self-righteous bluster.

He did not, of course, excoriate Harry Reid for filling the bill with pork that had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy, New York or New Jersey. As always, he spoke fondly of President Obama.

Directing his fire only at the Republican Speaker of the House Christie even suggested that he might support a primary challenger to John Boehner.

The Weekly Standard suggested, indelicately, that Christie was suffering from an excessive craving for pork. It won't be long before someone affixes the epithet "porcine" to the governor of New Jersey.

If Christie had been sent out by Democrats to aggravate the divisions in the Republican Party, he did his job.

Bryan Preston summed it up:

Whatever his intentions were, Republican Chris Christie probably did more damage to the GOP in an hour than most Democrats manage to do in a lifetime.

[As for what's in the Bill, the Heritage blog, The Foundry offers a good overview: link here.]


Webutante said...

I've never been a big fan of Christie and now I'm one of his greatest detractors. The very idea of a conservative governor whining like that leaves me cold. No doubt he's an opportunistic feeder....and wants to consume way too much at the public trough.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

"opportunistic feeder ... at the public trough"... well said!

Bizzy Brain said...

I would not agree with Mr. Preston that the rotund globule did that much damage to the GOP. Christie is a joke to we conservatives, a Democrat butt kisser extraordinaire. He stands no chance with the GOP on the national political stage.

vanderleun said...

Stop with the straight lines in headlines already...

Webutante said...

That was very clever G. Now we know what to do when similar New Jersey whales wash ashore after all our guns have been taken away but before they get our dynamite...

Anonymous said...

Never let a good emergency go to waste. Drama sells. What I find remarkable is the whole "We must do something now!!!" And listen to all Shumer's manufactured outrage. We're drowning in debt, and the EPA gets $600 million in this bill for climate change research. That's on to of how much already?


Sam L. said...

As I said on your later posting:

Just another nail (perhaps the final) in the coffin for Christie's 2016 hopes in the GOP. Sandy was an earlier nail.