Thursday, January 24, 2013

French Attitudes Toward Muslims

On a percentage basis France has a considerably larger population of Muslims than America. Thus, the French have more experience living with Muslims than do most Americans.

Yesterday, the French newspaper Le Monde reported the results of a new poll about the French attitude toward their Muslim neighbors.

The results were not encouraging.

74% of those who responded consider that Islam is an “intolerant” religion and that its values are incompatible with French values.

Worse yet, 8 out of 10 respondents believe that Muslims are trying to impose their way of life (mode de fonctionnement) on others.

Obviously, this leaves open the question of whether the French are fundamentally biased against Muslims or whether the reputation of Islam has been severely damaged by the behavior of French Muslims and their co-religionists around the world. 

Can that many Frenchmen and women be wrong?


JP said...
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Sam L. said...

Well, they have direct experience with them in largish numbers, including the largish number of burned-out cars in certain banlieus.

n.n said...

Based on the history of Islam, it is more likely that Muslims maintain a prejudice. Based on the history of modern integration, it is very likely that whether prejudiced or not, they have been corrupted by liberal policies. This is especially a likely outcome for their leaders, chosen and assigned.

In any case, as long as Europeans, including the French, voluntarily commit generational genocide, then their concerns will be quelled through the emergence of a foreign democratic leverage. Not unlike what is happening in America; but with different, notably less compatible competing interests.

From India said...

Syncretic Islam, such as you will find in South Asia, wherein it is mixed with something positive like the Hindu cultural ethos, is fine.

Its the by the book "authentic" Islam that poses a problem, in India and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

It is sad and disappointing to see the majority of those respondents included in the Le Monde survey published on January 24th, 2013 and their attitudes regarding Islam. The attitude of French citizens in a way is also a reflection of the difficulties faced by "French Muslims" in integrating into French society. There is an inherent bias against muslims in France, partly because of the significant media surrounding their growing population and possible xenophobic attitude of the native French at a time of world recession. The survey does shed some light on how mistrustful these French citizens have become against their Muslim brothers and sisters. It may mean the emergence of a more "conservative" attitude in France due to multiple factors. It may have been pushed by high unemployment and the more recent media surrounding Islamic insurgents in Mali. It also suggests a great deal of confusion among the French when differentiating between Islamic mainstream and Islamic fundamentalism. This is why I believe that the French need to integrate their Muslim population without discriminating against their religious or ethnic background. The French need to understand Islam better by visiting the nearest mosque or reading more about mainstream Islam. Islam is a wonderful religion and its members have contributed to many innovations that have enhanced mankind beginning centuries ago. The survey also may hint toward some French ethnocentrism in a way that is not so democratic or conforming toward Western democratic ideals of openness. It is sad to see how the country that sent NY its Statue of Liberty is now wanting to drive immigrant French out of the way.