Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Kath said...

Never wanted to read Eat, Pray and Love.. From the description, it seemed like a manual on how a wealthy New Ager should handle personal tragedy such as divorce.
Just read a review and found that she was paid in advance for her self discovery and write the book. I wonder how that works?
She sounds like a user. Maybe her friends are users too. Some of them might have discovered that her gift giving was just manipulation and fodder for a new book.
I do believe that gifts can be beneficial as long as the giver has respect for the recipient.

Sam L. said...

Did not recognize her name. The book, yes. Don't recall reading any reviews on it. Never thought to read it myself. Ships, night, passing...

CatherineM said...

I guess about 5 years ago every female friend and co-worker were raving about this book. Oprah had a few shows about it. My friends begged me to read it. It was SO GOOD.

It's drivel, but I ploughed through, waiting to get what everyone else "got." I finally put it down after the upteenth, "We didn't care if it was a boy, girl or had downs syndrome... as long as the baby is not a REPUBLICAN!" HA HA HAHA! Glad these people have their priorities straight. Then yet another apology to an Italian for the US Government. Done.

So, I never made it to India and all of her breakthroughs. I only know of the rest of her journey because of what I watched on Oprah. What I remember about Gilbert from the show is her smile. Her smile is self-important and condescending. Like Glinda, Good Witch of the North to the Munchkins.

Dennis said...

There is a drive in almost everyone of us to feel like we have met the challenges of life and succeeded. This may be affected by much of what happens in life, but it still exists no matter how downtrodden we may become.
We all know that we need others assistance, but that need is of a personal involvement and not a monetary need for the most part. It is why we almost never respect money given to us no matter the form received. If we provided a service, manufactured or did some action that deserved it we are normally accepting of how we succeeded on our own merit.
There is a cute commercial that, in a way, deals with this part of the human psyche. A little girl is just fascinated by a box, that one might suppose held a present, and finds a myriad of way of exploring it. The toy has beed overwhelmed by the possibilities of the box and the imagination of a child that it engenders.
It does not take much to extrapolate this into every day life.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert left her husband for another man. When she realized she screwed up her life and her ex-husband's she was left w/ buckets full of guilt, which quickly turned into shame b/c she hid the affair from her readers...the world.

Her extended vacation was an attempt to get rid of her shame/guilt. So is all her "gifting".


Anonymous said...

She has lot of cats,I heard