Monday, January 28, 2013

Martha Raddatz Gives Robert Menendez a Pass

One understands why the Obama administration would have covered up an investigation of Sen. Robert Menendez’s use of Dominican prostitutes before the last election.

Why risk a safe senate seat for a piffle?

I don’t need to tell anyone that if Menendez was a Republican he would have been indicted in October.

When an American citizen goes abroad and has carnal relations with an underage prostitute he is criminally liable under the American laws.

Yesterday, Menendez sat down for an interview with MarthaRaddatz of ABC News. In the course of the six minute interview Raddatz, good soldier that she is, did not ask a single question about the FBI investigation.

Journalistic integrity, thy name is not Martha Raddatz.

Did Raddatz take it on herself to cover up for Menendez or did she accept conditions demanded by Menendez?

If Menendez had been a Republican, as several media outlets have noted, he would have been grilled on the allegations that he committed statutory rape.

We may draw the following lessons:

The first: the press will allow a liberal Democrat to get away with anything. In this regard, the case of Bill Clinton is clear enough.

Second, the press will not allow a Republican to get away with anything.

We should also note that liberal Democrats, by and large, do not care about sexual transgressions. Republicans, by and large, do care about sexual transgressions.

The hubbub over Newt Gingrich’s infidelity was coming from the right as much as the left.

As for Menendez, the real question is: what does Nicholas Kristof have to say?

As you know, Kristof has been a fearless opponent of sex trafficking and sex tourism, especially the kind that involves underage girls. He has written passionate columns about child prostitutes in Cambodia, among other places.

Shouldn’t Kristof have something to say about the liberal Democratic senators who are being investigated for just such activities?

We do recall that Martha Raddatz moderated the Vice Presidential debate in the last election. The Republicans who negotiated the moderators of the presidential debates obviously got rolled. Witness Candy Crowley and George Stephanopoulus.

If journalists lack even a semblance of integrity, then Republicans should disqualify all journalists from the role of panel moderators. 


Sam L. said...

Of course she does. He's a Dem, which certifies to her that "he's a good guy", and must do him no harm.

I first thought the captcha word was laertes; silly me.

Anonymous said...

Began one of her debate questions with "NOBODY wants to cut defense spending ..."

Yep, that Raddatz sure is a liberal !