Friday, February 2, 2018

Feminist Misogyny: The Rape of Martha Cobb

The episode was not ripped from the headlines. It’s a leftist feminist fantasy made into disgusting television. It’s nothing more than pure misogyny… which is so raw that the writers did not even bother to disguise it. For those who doubt that today’s feminism is riddled with unacknowledged misogyny, the evidence appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order: SVU.

Feminism is supposed to stand up for women, to defend women, and especially to defend women from male sexual predators. Now we know that there is a caveat: if a woman is a blonde conservative pundit she deserves to be punished for her thought crimes… and that means… she must be raped… with a stick.

People who could not bring themselves to utter the least word of condemnation against groups that practice female genital mutilation have no problem imagining a sexual assault against a conservative American pundit. People who worshipped a cowardly president who never expressed the least outrage about Islamic terrorism—unable even to pronounce its name—are happy to show how strong they really are by entertaining the thought of raping a woman with a stick.

In the episode an Ann Coulter clone named Martha Cobb is speaking at a campus rally. The group is attacked by some Antifa protesters, leading to a brawl and the rape.

Then, as recounted on the Media Research Center site, the assembled detectives get together to tell us all what to think. Apparently, the show's average viewer needs to be taken by the hand and told the right way to think about these things.

Here is the conversation between the detectives:

Olivia: So what about threats leading up to the rally?

Fin: Against Martha Cobb? All day, every day. –

Amanda: Well, we should still sort through them, 'cause some people really hate her.

Fin: You know she wants all Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity, right?

Amanda: You know, 10% of what she says is completely outrageous, and it's to get your attention, but some of her positions actually make a lot of sense.

Olivia: Yeah, like closing down Planned Parenthood or deporting the Dreamers?

Amanda: Okay, we are in a bubble here though. Half the country is pro-life. Pro-family values, terrified of radical Islam.

Fin: She's a troll, Amanda.

Amanda: Sure. But the more you dismiss her, the more you embolden her supporters.

Martha Cobb deserves what happened to her because she wants to deport the Dreamers or shut down Planned Parenthood or to convert people to Christianity… these are apparently so offensive that a woman who says them deserves to be raped. And, of course, among Cobb’s thought crimes—note well, these are nothing more than thought crimes—is the fact that she is “terrified of radical Islam.”

One does not know anything about the IQ of SVU writers, but still, they should know that the president who refused to pronounce the name of radical Islam was exposing nothing but his terror. And besides, for those who have triple-digit IQs, anyone who knows anything would know that radical Islam has committed tens of thousands of terrorist attacks, some on American soil, and many more in Europe. Is it irrational to recognize the threat or to ignore it?

As it happens, the investigators hone in on a suspect: a leading Antifa protester named Justin Vichinsky. Apparently, his sign was used in the rape and his DNA is found under the victim’s fingernails. Cobb identifies him in a lineup.

Sounds open and shut, don’t you think. Not so fast. The show is not going to convict Justin… because it does not want you to think that he did anything very wrong.

So, the show trots out a new suspect, an alt right leader named Randy Platt. It proposes that Martha Cobb was lying because she wanted to protect Platt… who was angry with her for rejecting his advances the night before.

Of course, Randy is not only portrayed as a neo-Nazi but he is also shown to be a Donald Trump supporter. The show is ham handed because it does not want us coming away with the impression that leftist antifa protesters are rapists. Oh, no. All the really bad people are on the right and they are all Trump supporters.

As for the progressive men who have recently outed as rapists and sexual predators-- from Harvey Weinstein to Bill Clinton to Russell Simmons-- you need only to know that the true criminals are the alt right.

The MRC summarizes Randy’s thought crimes, describing him as a left-wing parody of Trump supporters:

Randy spouts, among other things, racist dialogue like, "'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.' Now, we try to be peaceful, but if we need to use violence to take our country back from the cultural elites and the globalist dupes...well, so be it." He talks about how he despises women except “white Christian stock who raise families and take care of their men.” Truly, he's a despicable left-wing parody come to life, down to being a "Grand Wizard" and wanting to "make America great again."

One detective even tells Randy that he hates women. And the writers and producers who show a conservative woman raped with a stick… they don’t hate women? Be serious.

So, district attorney Barba cross examines Randy Platt. Here is the dialogue:

Barba: Mr. Platt... Did you assault Martha Cobb with a cardboard tube?

Randy: Absolutely not.

Barba: Why should we believe you?

Randy: What?

Barba: It's a very simple question. Why should we believe you?

Randy: Because I'm giving you my word under oath.

Barba: That's all you got? Because, in my humble opinion, most of the people in this courtroom think your word is garbage... that you don't possess an ounce of principle or virtue.

Randy: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, most people are blind and stupid.
[Soft dramatic music]

Barba: The People are unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Justin Vichinsky sexually assaulted Martha Cobb. Accordingly, I move to dismiss the indictment.

Defense: The defense joins in this motion.

Judge: Uh, this is highly unusual, Mr. Barba. Are you sure that's what you want to do?

Barba: I am sure that the perpetrator of this crime will never be known to a legal certainty.

I have never spent too much time in criminal courtrooms, so I do not know whether this exchange is normal or deviant. But clearly, DA Barba dismisses Platt’s good word, his honor as worthless. And then concludes that since Platt is evil, then we must let the accused Antifa rapist go free. You might ask what there is in Platt’s testimony that exculpates Justin Vichinsky… but the show makes it clear. 

Given the producers' hatred of the alt right, Trump supporters and Martha Cobb, she has gotten what she deserved. The perpetrators are righteous soldiers fighting for a good cause. They are fighting against the forces of evil represented by Randy Platt.

If you think that the sophisticated New Yorkers who cobbled this mess together are intelligent intellectuals, you should give it another think. They are disgraceful misogynist bigots themselves, bigots who are happy to pervert the course of justice in pursuit of higher ideologically driven goals.


Redacted said...

Although female Progressive rape fantasies are newsworthy in the #MeToo era, they're actually old hat. Progressives seethe with hate. For example, Bill Lockyer, while sitting Prog Attorney General of CA, said (in reference to the Enron CEO prosecution) that he'd like to escort Kenneth Lay “to an eight-by-10 cell that he could share with a tattooed dude who says, ‘Hi, my name is Spike, honey.'” Progs are, generally speaking, disgusting little feces-throwing creatures.

"[T]he city of Denver, according to the AP, passed an ordinance 'barring protesters from carrying buckets of feces during the Democratic National Convention.'”
--- NY Mag (8/2008)


Sam L. said...

And they wonder why we despise them.

Jack Fisher said...

the courtroom dialog is stupid beyond belief, and if I try to read it one more time, brain cells will start dying.

James said...

"the courtroom dialog is stupid beyond belief, and if I try to read it one more time, brain cells will start dying."
And develop this strange need to gnaw one's own ears off.