Friday, February 23, 2018

Justin Trudeau's Indian Fiasco

As a public service, I have been following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Bieber’s calamity-ridden trip to India.

For your interest, here are some remarks from an Indian journalist, one who had previously had warm feelings for the PM.

Barkha Dutt writes in the Washington Post:

How did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the world’s favorite liberal mascot — a feminist man, with movie-star good looks, a 50 percent female cabinet and a political lexicon that has replaced “mankind” with “peoplekind” (making millions swoon) — end up looking silly, diminished and desperate on his trip to India this week?

Trudeau’s eight-day India expedition has been an absolute fiasco.

I will spare you the details. Dutt explains them at length in her excellent article. Let’s move ahead to her conclusion:

I confess, from afar, I used to be a Trudeau fan-girl. But after this trip, I’ve changed my mind. Trudeau has come across as flighty and facetious. His orchestrated dance moves and multiple costume changes in heavily embroidered kurtas and sherwanis make him look more like an actor on a movie set or a guest at a wedding than a politician who is here to talk business. Suddenly, all that charisma and cuteness seem constructed, manufactured and, above all, not serious.

Yes, indeed.  The PM was not there to do business. It’s all posturing and show. Be careful of liberal mascots masquerading as heads of state.


Sam L. said...

Now, who was it calling him Justin Bieber? Nailed it, whoever did!

whitney said...

I think prime minister Zoolander is funny. But the world's favorite liberal mascot is also hilarious. I am so enjoying the reports of this trip

Redacted said...

Another escapee from the Progressive Clown Car.

Hamsta said...

Canadian here. Prime Minister Greathair Sharpsocks was elected for a few reasons:

- At the time of the election there was a fear in Canada that the existing Harper government, if re-elected, would usher in some measures of austerity and restraint in government largess spending on social programs and various parasite recipient groups.
Justin and the liberals made it crystal clear during the election campaign that the government would not apply any spending constraints on its constituency.

-Harper was younger than baby boomers but way older than millenials and seen as introverted and stoggy, if mostly competent. No pizzazz at all.

- Justin was clearly trading in on his father's name. Pierre Trudeau (love him or hate him) was an iconic Canadian prime minister. Had he not had that name, he would have been no where.

- Justin promised to be the epitome of political correctness which appealed to younger voters and the parasite class that derive their incomes from some level of government.

Unfortunately, we elected (not ME by the way!) an out and out idiot.

whitney said...

Hamsta, my sister and brother-in-law both live in Montreal and they both said they wanted to vote for the person left of Trudeau. I couldn't even imagine there was such a person.