Friday, February 2, 2018

German Woman Speaks Up


Anonymous said...

"This #metoo thing was pure hypocrisy"

"How can you claim to be for women's rights if you tell us that we are not allowed to talk about it unless we are raped?"

This is so great. It took a long time coming, but now that it is finally there, it will be loud.

In the first video from 120dB, "I am Maria" is mentioned. Maria is Maria Ladenburger. She was murdered and raped (in that sequence) by a man who claimed to be an underage refugee from Afghanistan. He turned out to be none of that, but no one had cared to check his claims. During the German elections last year, Facebook actively censored postings about the case.

"I am Ebba" is Ebba, a young girl from Stockholm. She was mowed down by a truck in a terror attack by a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan. The pictures of the dead Ebba, laying on the pavement, her legs cut from the rest of her body and the width of a truck tyre between legs and body, were censored by the European press, in sharp contrast with the pictures of the young boy Aylan who drowned on the coast of Turkey. Those were amply broadcasted to create sympathy for refugees.

Anonymous said...

Here is a woman actually speaking up.