Sunday, February 18, 2018

More Notes on Russian Election Meddling

Some of us never believed that the hue and cry over “facts” was anything but psy-ops… a fraudulent attempt to marry the liberal progressive idealistic cause to empirical reality. Since that cause has never really had anything to do with reality—it prefers appearances—it was always going to be a tough sell.

For now, for those who care about facts, here are a couple, from different sources. The first from The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey compares Russian election meddling with the Clinton communications machine.

According to reports, the monthly Russian budget for the operation to meddle in the election was $1.2 million. As Peter Hamby pointed out on Twitter, Clinton and supporting PAC Priorities USA spent approximately $800 million in 2016.

That means Clinton and her PAC spent about $66 million a month in 2016, a whopping 53 times more money than Russia’s $1.25 million monthly budget.

And this does not even count the massive media assault against Trump and the massive propaganda effort in favor of Clinton.

And then there is Facebook. The company vice president of advertising, Robert Goldman tweeted a salient fact: namely, that most Russian spending on Facebook advertising happened after the election. Duh? Not a minor detail, don’t you think? And yet, as Goldman suggests, Facebook has always reported this. The media has consistently ignored it.

This from the Zero Hedge blog:

Notably, Goldman points out that the majority of advertising purchased by Russians on Facebook occurred after the election - and was designed to "sow discord and divide Americans", something which Americans have been quite adept at doing on their own ever since the Fed decided to unleash a record class, wealth, income divide by keeping capital markets artificially afloat at any cost.

Here are the texts of some of the tweets:

The majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election. We shared that fact, but very few outlets have covered it because it doesn’t align with the main media narrative of Tump and the election.

The main goal of the Russian propaganda and misinformation effort is to divide America by using our institutions, like free speech and social media, against us. It has stoked fear and hatred amongst Americans. It is working incredibly well. We are quite divided as a nation.

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Katielee4211 said...

I read the tweets when he posted. I'm somewhat amazed he came out and said it.
That said, I linked through to the ads, and can honestly say I never saw any of them.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Free speech and social media are “institutions”???

Wow, we’re really in trouble.