Thursday, July 19, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Idiot Savant

Tell me that you do not feel a twinge of Schadenfreude when you see new Democratic Party darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a blithering fool of herself on the national stage. Declared to be the Savior the party had been waiting for, Ocasio-Cortez got herself in a heap of trouble by mouthing inarticulate anti-Semitic nothings about Israel and Palestine. Readers of this blog were not surprised. Her record and the record of her supporters were crystal clear.

Now, Ocasio-Cortez, the gift that keeps on giving, has offered a few barely articulate idiocies about the American economy.

She said this:

"Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs” and "Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.”

Jim Pethokoukis rebuts the claim with some facts. Guy Benson quotes him:

The latest employment numbers are from the June jobs report. They show that only 4.8 percent of employed Americans hold multiple jobs. That’s lower than before the Great Recession and lower than during the 1990s boom. Indeed, that number has been declining for years.

And then, Benson quotes Pethokoukis again:

Then there was this from Ocasio-Cortez: “Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.” Actually, capitalism has pretty much always existed. People have been trading since there was something to trade. “The market economy, contrary to what you might have heard, has existed since the caves,” writes Deirdre McCloskey in “Bourgeois Dignity.”

All things considered, the Democratic Party deserves Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Considering the extraordinary efforts expended by liberals to dumb down the educational system, what could be better than to see its product, a raving moron, elected as a Democrat to the United States Congress. 


Anonymous said...

I wish I had said this. With Pelosi and Mad Maxine getting older the democrats need someone to replace them who is not playing with a full deck and acting the puzzlewit. One wonders how Shummer likes this anti semite as a growing part of his party? Hopefully the Cortez wing will grow larger and really put Shummer in a real bind. Shummer so much deserves this for his part in creating a rift between Americans. Karma is always there.
One can hope that just maybe Jewish voters will finally see the "writing on the wall," but alas if they haven't seen it yet. I don't hold out much hope. Was not there a time when people ignored the literal and figurative "writing on the wall?"

Anonymous said...

You will have to excuse my sense of humor. I was just musing and having a laugh or two at the image of Shummer becoming a republican to protect himself from the "crazies,"which he helped to create, in his present party. You go girl. (heh)

Anonymous said...

Cortez is an example of what passes for an educated person these days. She has a degree from BU in... wait for it...

Economics and international relations.

Anonymous said...


The real laugh here would be if Cortez had Paul Krugman as an ECON professor. Now that would be the "icing on the cake."

KCFleming said...

Ace of Spades accurately labels her “Occasional Cortex.”

Deana said...

I was surprised how quickly she stuck her foot in it again. She promises to be entertaining.

Bizzy Brain said...

Russia is a convenient scapegoat for the Dems, so surely the Russians will prevent Alexandria’s election, just as they prevented the election of Hillary. Then the Dems can complain, "We don't win nuthin' on account o' them dirty Commies!"