Friday, July 6, 2018

Jon Stewart Is Exasperated with Democrats

Jon Stewart was one of the first modern stand up comedian to turn politics into comedy. (He was heir to Mort Sahl.) As opposed to many of his followers, Stewart was often funny and very often intelligent. Agree or disagree with him, he was not preening around like an imbecile.

Now, it turns out that Stewart is fed up with the Democratic Party. He has warned them against going all-in with Robert Mueller. He does not think that the Russia collusion card to going to return them to power. His proposal: beat Trump by offering better ideas.

The TrigTent blog reports (via Maggie’s Farm):

According to the Daily Beast, during a stand-up performance in San Francisco, Stewart discussed the possibility of Russia interfering in the United States' presidential election and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation…

Stewart argued that if Russia had helped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to win, the Democrats would have tried to look the other way. However, since Trump won, now we have to “act like it’s super important,” because of the possibility it could end his presidency.

F**k impeaching the guy, f**k any of that stuff,” he told the audience. “Beat him, in an election, with ideas.” (IJR)

Adam Casalino comments:

But I have to hand it to Stewart. He’s speaking the truth when he confronts Democrats over their “outrage” about the supposed Russian interference with our election. Let’s be frank: we’ve yet to find definitive evidence that Russia did anything to alter the outcome of our election. The DOJ revealed that about a dozen Russians were screwing around on social media. That’s it. There is no evidence they tampered with our voting systems. We don’t even know for sure if they were the ones who hacked the Democrats’ emails; considering they had a corrupt man leading their IT department, it’s very unlikely that Russia had anything to do with it.

He adds:

Stewart is right in admitting that if Hillary had benefitted from Russian involvement, the Democrats wouldn’t have said boo. In fact, Hillary did collude with Russian agents when she paid for the bogus dossier meant to smear Trump. That false collection of “reports” was supposed to be used by our media to destroy Trump before the election. It was a calculated effort to alter voters, with help from Russia.

And yet, Casolino continues, the Democrats have no ideas. They have criticism; they have the politics of defamation; they are running around screaming that the Nazis are coming. When it comes to ideas, they have dumbed themselves down to the point where they have none:

So, sorry, Jon; the Democrats have no ideas. Their only hope of beating Trump is through lying about his character and ignoring his many accomplishments. Maybe that will help them in some regions during the next election, but it certainly won’t help them win back the government.

Democrats need a Contract with America. They need to follow the example set by the Gingrich-led Congressional Republicans in 1994. They need to have a policy agenda laid out, with legislation ready to be voted on.

They won’t. They don’t. The party of Maxine Waters is not going to come up with any new ideas. They are not even going to recycle old ideas.


Gringo said...

The party of Maxine Waters is not going to come up with any new ideas. They are not even going to recycle old ideas.

Speaking of old ideas, the idea that Demos are bright and Pubs are dullards has been around from the days that Adlai was running for President- over 60 years ago.

Sam L. said...

The Dems have gone bat-guano crazy. Well, actually, I think they did that years ago. It's just way more obvious now.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Contract with America... that’s funny. Today’s globalist Democrat elites couldn’t give a crap about America. They’re too busy throwing red meat to their fringe constituencies about everything wrong with America. And their base is responding: with boundless anger while people try to go about their normal lives (like eating dinner). Not attractive.

There is nothing about FREEDOM in the Democrat message. “Freedom from Want,” as in the Rockwell portrait of the Thanksgiving table, is to brought by magical EBT cards. The message is no longer about equal opportunity (hope, industry), but instead equal results (entitlement, sloth) based on immutable characteristics. And of course the apoplectic antisocial behavior of the “Resistance” is not an attractive alternative to the vulgar Trump. Trump looks like he’s having fun. The Leftist face looks perpetually frozen in Munch’s “The Scream.” Which would you be drawn to?

And remember that Trump’s tweeting stymies the Leftist media from controlling the narrative. The media feel compelled to report on his horrid behavior, while he maintains the initiative in reaching new voters. The media’s only alternative is to fabricate narratives (immigrant kids in cages) and censor positive news (or negative news of thuggery by their allies) from reaching common mainstream news consumers (a declining audience). Trump’s tent is growing, the news media’s is collapsing. Not a dry eye in the house.

Today’s Democrat Establishment and GOPe are equally repugnant... with a twist. The GOPe is ashamed of its base (Willard Romney) and ideologically stagnant (George Will). The Democrat Establishment (De) is corrupt (Donna Brazile) and patronizing (Nancy Pelosi). Donald Trump doesn’t draw his base of support from either Establishment... which is a huge advantage.

The Democrat’s future vision — so far as I can tell — is a Peronist economy with a Maoist approach to social issues. Their “Progressive” agenda is actually regressive, and reflects stasis on social issues, as the decadent (and destructive) transgender lunacy reaches its high water mark. They’re running out of pissed-off fringe groups to bring into the fold. The institutions they control silence opponents based on ideas, race, creed, sexual orientation... you name it. On economic issues, they’ve made a calculated move to abandon the white working class (white men in particular), which means manufacturing is no longer a priority. So the De doesn’t think it’s important to make stuff. That’s funny, because the GOPe felt the same way until Trump’s 2016 insurgency. Guess who won? Or, perhaps, guess who offered a message that reflected their interests of the the majority of American voters? Trump knows who his base is. Hillary still thinks her base is... her. Duh!

Casolino is correct — the Democrats are bereft of ideas. If they move to the center, they’ll be seen as too bourgeois for the SJWs, academics, entertainers and cultural crusaders. If they move further Left, their incestuous corporatism will obliterate upward mobility and create a caste system based on whether one has a college (read: Leftist seminary) degree.

The Democrats have no future. They are being routed by a man they hold in total contempt. They had to run a DOJ-IRS-FBI-IC conspiracy to prevent citizens from being politically involved. This from the party that calls itself “pro-choice.” The social issues are fought for outlier movements, and the economic blabber reflects zero integrity as De politicians go in and out of investment banks and lobbying firms. And then there is their juvenile doctrine of religious faith: government power is limitless. Once Leftist children outgrow Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, they come to worship the Federal Government and the U.N. as protectors of all that is good. How uplifting!

Trump may lack decorum, but so do most disrupters. Main Street is benefitting, and that is bad for Democrats. Someone should tell Jon Stewart that the Democrat Party has become the Victim Party, and most Americans don’t want to think of themselves that way.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I have watched Stewart very little, but I would have said that he is preening. Mugging, anyway, rather than reasoning. He is capable of reasoning, but usually just goes vaudeville: eye-rolls, exaggerated amazement, facial expressions, and tones of voice. I think the problem comes in believing that most liberals are governed by reason instead of tribalism and social pressure. Reasoning is secondary even to most of the liberals who can do it. They allow themselves to be steered into what the cool kids believe - and the cool kids are determined to be "smarter than all those lesser people," and so have to dislike what is popular to the others.

@Ignatius - I am immediately well-disposed to anyone referencing Chesterton, and agree with much of what you say. There is an important point about the concept of "Trump's base," however. Among voters, the hated GOPe who gave us Romney, Bush, McCain etc are actually the bulk of Trump's base. Trump did not win by finding 63M new votes. He was able to unlock some votes the previous party leaders had been unable to (including some Democrats), which more than offset the few NeverTrumpers in the party. Those votes were necessary for the win, but so were the "I always vote Republican" votes and the "He's not Hillary" votes. If you read around comment sections you can find plenty of Trump is doing a great job of not being Hillary, which is all I ever asked of him.

Ares Olympus said...
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Anonymous said...

Whistling past the grave yard????

Ares Olympus said...
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Sam L. said...

Keep on believin'. Ares.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Assistant Village Idiot @July 6, 2018 @11:02 AM:

Agreed in full, save the the GOPe DRIVING the process. All I’m saying is— that did not occur. Donald Trump created the votes that put him over the edge. That’s my point, and my only point.