Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Support for Judge Kavanaugh

As soon as President Trump announced that he was nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be a justice on the Supreme Court, the New York Times went up with an opinion piece by Yale Law School Professor Akhil Reed Amar. Formerly, Kavanaugh’s teacher, a lifelong Democrat, Amar strongly supports the appointment:

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court justice is President Trump’s finest hour, his classiest move. Last week the president promised to select “someone with impeccable credentials, great intellect, unbiased judgment, and deep reverence for the laws and Constitution of the United States.” In picking Judge Kavanaugh, he has done just that.

This leaves the field open for the ranters. But still, Amar’s statement pretty much ends the debate. The rest is histrionics.


Anonymous said...

Former Dean Elena Kagan hired him for a HLS slot.

Ares Olympus said...

It looks like smooth sailing and the Democrats should look for a different windmill to tilt at. The most interesting thing is he argued congress should disallow criminal prosecution of a sitting president, convenient for Trump, and it seems sensible. And besides, why just hope to take down a corrupt president if you can rally against an enabling congress in the next election? The more courts are used to decide on partisan squabbles, the more corrupt our country looks to everyone.
After arguing vigorously for President Clinton’s impeachment in the late 1990s, he published a law review article in 2009 where he argued that Congress should pass a law exempting a sitting president from criminal investigation and prosecution, and from questioning by prosecutors. “The indictment and trial of a sitting President, moreover, would cripple the federal government,” he wrote, “rendering it unable to function with credibility in either the international or domestic arenas.” Congress, in Kavanaugh’s view, is the only branch of government capable of holding the president criminally accountable.

Anonymous said...

Elena Kagan is hardly an endorsement for anyone. She has no business being a Supreme Court Justice.