Monday, July 30, 2018

As California Goes....

Sadly, the story is all too familiar. Today, Joel Kotkin is telling us about the decline and fall of California. He has done so on many other occasions. So too has Victor Davis Hanson. Together they present a depressing picture of a leading progressive state going to ruin. They show us that government by true believing progressives hurts those who it pretends to be helping.

Kotkin writes in City Journal:

Its political leaders and a credulous national media present California as the “woke” state, creating an economically just, post-racial reality. Yet in terms of opportunity, California is evolving into something more like apartheid South Africa or the pre-civil rights South. California simply does not measure up in delivering educational attainment, income growth, homeownership, and social mobility for traditionally disadvantaged minorities. All this bodes ill for a state already three-fifths non-white and trending further in that direction in the years ahead. In the past decade, the state has added 1.8 million Latinos, who will account by 2060 for almost half the state’s population. The black population has plateaued, while the number of white Californians is down some 700,000 over the past decade.

Californians are opposed to racism in all of its forms. And yet, if you look at people’s lives, you draw a different conclusion:

California, suggests gubernatorial candidate and environmental activist Michael Shellenberger, is not “the most progressive state” but “the most racist” one. Chapman University reports that 28 percent of California’s blacks are impoverished, compared with 22 percent nationally. Fully one-third of California Latinos—now the state’s largest ethnic group—live in poverty, compared with 21 percent outside the state. Half of Latino households earn under $50,000 annually, which, in a high-cost state, means that they barely make enough to make ends meet. Over two-thirds of non-citizen Latinos, the group most loudly defended by the state’s progressive leadership, live at or below the poverty line, according to a recent United Way study.

Today’s California is awash in money. But the money only exists in high tech companies and real estate speculation. For my part, I would add the entertainment industry:

Historically, economic growth extended throughout the state, and produced many high-paying blue-collar jobs. In contrast, the post-2010 boom has been inordinately dependent on the high valuations of a handful of tech firms and coastal real estate speculation. Relatively few blacks or Latinos participate at the upper reaches of the tech economy—and a recent study suggests that their percentages in that sector are declining—and generally lack the family resources to compete in the real estate market. Instead, many are stuck with rents they can’t afford.

When it comes to quality of life, African-Americans do much better in Texas:

In contrast, African-Americans do far better, in terms of income and homeownership, in places like Dallas-Fort Worth or greater Houston than in socially enlightened locales such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. Houston and Dallas boast black homeownership rates of 40 to 50 percent; in deep blue but much costlier Los Angeles and New York, the rate is about 10 percentage points lower.

Need we say, but California’s leftists have also wrecked the school system:

Clearly, California’s progressive ideology and spending priorities are not serving minority students well. High-poverty schools are so poorly run that disruptions from students and administrative interruptions, according to a UCLA study, account for 30 minutes a day of class time. Teachers in these schools often promote “progressive values,” spending much of their time, according to one writer, “discussing community problems and societal inequities.” Other priorities include transgender and other gender-related education, from which parents, in some school districts, cannot opt out. This ideological instruction is doing little for minority youngsters. San Francisco, which the nonprofit journalism site Calmatters refers to as “a progressive enclave and beacon for technological innovation,” also had “the lowest black student achievement of any county in California,” as well as the highest gap between black and white scores.

Minority students are being indoctrinated in leftist ideology, but are not receiving the instruction that will allow them to take on the new jobs in high tech. There is a purpose behind this. The instruction keeps poor people poor, but ensures that they vote for socialist candidates who promise them a lifetime of handouts in exchange for their votes.


Leo G said...

The worst part of the Cali failure, is the amount of lefties who are moving out and flooding states like Texas. Thing is, they seem to be taking the failed politics of leftism with them. Who was it that said that thing about insanity and trying the same thing over and over again?
Ted Cruz is somewhat in danger of losing his seat in the mid-terms for crying out loud.

Sometimes I think this is a ploy of the left to stealth steal the USA.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Sa L.: Feral Progressivism... I like that. And now it's Metastatic Feral Progressivism. Adorable.

Leo G: There's no stealth. It's real. It creates dependency, and the people move away... bringing their dependent mindset with them. They can't help it. They're children.