Saturday, July 21, 2018

The War Against Brett Kavanaugh Is Over

Now that the Democratic Party is readying itself for class warfare against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we note, with some surprise, the very laudatory article by Adam Liptak in the New York Times.

Knowing that Kavanaugh had taught at the law schools of Harvard, Yale and Georgetown, Liptak decided to review the student assessments of him. A thoroughly honest way to appraise the candidate's knowledge and judicial temperament.

Better yet, Liptak offers a fair and balanced report on the student commentaries:

Over the last decade, about 350 law students at Harvard, Yale and Georgetown expressed views on classes offered by Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. With rare exceptions, they praised his mastery of legal materials, intellectual rigor, fair-mindedness and accessibility.

“I honestly believe I took a class that was instructed by a future Supreme Court justice,” a Georgetown student wrote in 2007.

Judge Kavanaugh’s students did not hesitate to criticize the casebook he used (“the textbook is horrible!”) or to comment on personal attributes not particularly germane to his teaching (“great hair!”). Many students complained that there was too much reading. Early on, some said he was repetitive and not well organized. There was occasional griping that a few students dominated the class discussion.

But on the whole, in 12 sets of evaluations spanning 700 pages, there was almost only glowing praise for Judge Kavanaugh’s teaching. More than a few students said he was the most impressive law school professor they had encountered.

It is impossible, if you have a modicum of decency, to reject the candidacy of an exceptionally brilliant man who is so widely respected. Don’t we want the nation’s greatest legal minds on the Supreme Court?

Not to jump the gun, but this article tells us that the war against Brett Kavanaugh is just about over. The rest is theatre, designed to placate the restive base. The left has tried its darndest to discredit him, but one thing it cannot do: dispute his intelligence and his judicial temperament.

It’s going to be Justice Kavanaugh, bunky.


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Thank God. If you look closely, there are still people in our land with sense, decency, and a desire to reward that which is good.