Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Faisal Hussain; Islamist Madman

Here’s the awaited footnote to the story of Faisal Hussain. You have probably forgotten by now—it’s been a few days—but Hussein gunned down a dozen people in Toronto, Canada, killing two. As reported here yesterday, Hussain’s parents stated that their poor misunderstood son was suffering from mental illness. Naturally, Canadian authorities are falling all over themselves to promote the story that his heinous crime had nothing to do with terrorism or with Islam.

Newsbusters sets us straight, directing our attention to a story reported by CBS News… and naturally ignored by most other media outlets:

Tuesday afternoon, broke a big scoop concerning the Sunday night mass shooting up in Toronto, Canada that left two people dead and 13 wounded. According to the piece on their website, the attacker frequented ISIS propaganda websites and may have lived in the Middle East for some time.

As for the Canadian authorities, they said what you expected them to say:

CBS’s findings were in direct contradiction to Canadian authorities that were telling the press they had found no connection between the shooter and terrorism. “The Ministry of Public Safety said Tuesday that they see no link to terrorism,” the piece wrote. “But a law enforcement source told CBS News that Faisal Hussain visited Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) websites and may have expressed support for the terrorist group.

Doesn’t it remind you of the old saying: See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil. Just keep your head in the sand and it will all go away.


Dan Patterson said...

You summed the response nicely. We all know the solution, given the present state of mind of all parties, and we also know that as the victims of terror we are not yet ready to institute the remedy. If we continue to take advice from estrogen-laden males and screeching harpies demanding "love, peace, and understanding" the best outcome will be the beast will them last.

Sam L. said...

Surprised, I am, that CBS told the story straight.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

It only took an eternity to report the name. Curious. “Stephen Paddock” rolls off the tongue so much more quickly, though it’s the same number of syllables. Why is that? Must be that it takes time to translate Canadian.

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Anonymous said...

And Major Hassan ("Soldier of Allah") is on Death Row for murder.

Hostis humani generis. I like it. -- Rich Lara