Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Coming On Strong

Everyone had written her off for dead after her idiotic DNA stunt, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems poised to become the Democratic candidate for president. Roger Simon predicts that Warren will outlast both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and not just because she is younger and more alive.

Joe Biden is older than you think. And he is less coherent than you think. How well will he do in debates? Elizabeth Warren will most likely wipe the floor with him. As for Sanders, he is a nasty old Communist. No way he is going to win the nomination.

In Simon’s words:

Yes, yes, I know Joe Biden is currently the frontrunner in all the polls, but the man was last year's news in 1983. Besides the obvious endless plagiarism, icky handsy behavior, and litany of corruption we all know about (Ukraine, etc.), can you imagine this dodderer negotiating with Xi Jinping? Trump's already dubbed him a "dummy" and, like many of Donald's nicknames, it may but rude, but it's accurate.

Nevertheless, Joe might be better than number two in the polls, Bernie Sanders (aka Woody Guthrie without the talent), who is a communist himself.

So, this means, Simon says:

I PREDICT... drum roll... the Democratic candidate for 2020 will be... ta-dum... Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has moved up in the polls because she has provided policy, not theatre. It is a good approach and has won grudging respect from different sides of the political spectrum:

And, yes, I know Ms. Warren has already been written off by Trump and a host of others as Fauxcahontas, but that was so 2018. It's 2019 already and Warren is starting off pretty well. She's number three in the new Morning Consult poll, beginning to separate herself from a field of soon-to-be also-rans, not quite three with a bullet but getting there.

Warren's a hard campaigner and doesn't come off as stupid, which in this field says a lot. She's also the only woman with a shot, and that counts for even more in today's Democratic Party that is panting for a female candidate. Pair her with one of the Castro brothers (not Raul, but Julian or Joaquin) and the Dems have a ticket that will satisfy all the moral narcissists from the Upper West Side to Pacific Palisades.

Of course, Warren tends to come off as shrill and hectoring… perhaps not as hectoring as Hillary Clinton, but still. It’s one thing for her to propose an industrial policy, something that we might well need, but her history suggests that she is more likely to want to strangle the economy with regulations and to hand out free stuff to her supporters. As for her ability to negotiate... I have my doubts.

Anyway, Simon’s prediction makes a lot of sense to me. As of today, Warren does not have the lead, but she is coming up fast. And she will hold her own in the debates.


Anonymous said...

Howe many Beths?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

She’s a scold. It won’t sell.

trigger warning said...

I'm voting for Biden. He has a plan to cure cancer.