Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sweden Commits Cultural Suicide

Writing for the Gatestone Institute Judith Bergman paints a portrait of Sweden, a nation committing cultural suicide. (via Maggie’s Farm) As you know, Sweden has followed the German example by opening its arms to a large number of Muslim migrants. These migrants have dramatically damaged the quality of life for Swedish citizens. Most especially for Swedish women.

The Swedish government has adopted the usual approach to the problem: it pretends that it does not exist. It does not prosecute migrant crimes and follows its Southern neighbor Germany in refusing to identify the ethnicity of the criminals. This jiggers the statistics to hide the problem. Swedish citizens seem to have been rendered completely impotent to stop the encroaching horrors, lest they be accused of being racists.

Take the picture of a college girl in the city of Uppsala, where the great majority of young women do not feel safe in their own city:

In the picturesque Swedish university city of Uppsala, 80% of girls do not feel safe in the city center. One 14-year old teenager, who is afraid to reveal her identity, told the Swedish media that she always wears trainers so that she can 'run faster' if she is attacked:

"I sat down on a bench and immediately guys came and sat next to me on both sides. Then more guys came and stood in front of me. They began to grab my hair and my legs and said things to me that I did not understand. I became so terrified and told them many times to stop, but they did not listen... Everything is so horrible. This is so wrong. I want to be able to feel safe", she said about taking the bus home.

A recent survey from Region Uppsala shows that only 19% of girls in high school feel safe in the inner city of Uppsala. In 2013, the number was 45%. The men and boys in the gangs that engage in the sexual harassment of Swedish girls in Uppsala are frequently newly-arrived migrants.

Of course, no one reports this story. If the serial predations had been committed by young white males you would not have been able to escape the outrage. Since it’s Muslim migrants, the authorities recommend that girls deal with the problem themselves:

In response, officials from Uppsala apparently told the Swedish press, "We usually encourage girls who feel insecure to think about what they need to do to feel safe, such as not walking alone, making sure they get picked up and anything else that can reduce their sense of insecurity." In other words, the authorities are leaving the responsibility for dealing with this critical security issue to the girls themselves.

Uppsala is not an outlier. The problem exists throughout the country:

According to the latest National Safety Report, published by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande Rådet or Brå), four out of 10 women are afraid to walk outside freely. "Almost a quarter of the population chooses a different route or another mode of transportation as a result of anxiety about crime... Among women aged 20-24, 42 percent state that they often opted for another route or another mode of transportation, because they felt insecure and worried about being subjected to crime. The corresponding proportion among men in the same age group is 16 percent..." according to Brå.

The government, run by women and for women, is responding by cutting the budget for policing:

Nevertheless, the government is cutting down on the police's resources. In the government's new spring change budget, the police are facing a reduction of 232 million Swedish kroner (US $24.5 million).

Amnesty International, not a right wing outfit, has called out Sweden for its failure to prosecute rape cases:

A recent Amnesty International report, "Time for Change: Justice for rape survivors in the Nordic countries", released in April, harshly criticized Sweden for not dealing properly with rape cases. According to the Amnesty report, among other problems, rape investigations are under-prioritized, there are "excessively long waiting times for the results of DNA analyses", there is not enough support for rape victims and not enough work is done for preventative purposes.

It’s not just rape. Criminal gangs roam free in what are called in other nations, no-go zones:

According to the police, many of the shootings are linked to criminal conflicts and so-called "vulnerable areas" (utsatta områden, commonly known as "no-go zones" or lawless areas). In the first six months of 2018, according to police, almost every other shooting took place in a "vulnerable area". In 2017, a Swedish police report, "Utsatta områden 2017" ("Vulnerable Areas 2017") showed that there are 61 such areas in Sweden. They encompass 200 criminal networks, consisting of an estimated 5,000 criminals. Twenty-three of those areas were especially critical: children as young as 10 had been involved in serious crimes there, including ones involving weapons and drugs. Most of the inhabitants were non-Western, sadly mainly Muslim, immigrants.

As though that were not enough, Sweden is now preparing to welcome the children of ISIS terrorists. The Foreign Minister feels deeply for these children and is merely doing what any mother would do:

To add to these problems, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström appears to be planning to bring back children of Swedish Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists who are living in refugee camps in Syria. "It is complex and that is why it has taken time to develop a policy and a clear message, but we are working on this every day. I cannot bear to see children faring so badly", she recently said.

The government will help Swedes accommodate the returning incipient criminals by offering enhanced awareness… about what, we do not know:

Additionally, 41 out of 290 Swedish municipalities could be forced, or are already being forced, to accommodate returning ISIS terrorists in the near future, according to a recent report by SVT Nyheter. The ISIS terrorists are either still in Syria or already on their way back to Sweden. To "prepare" the municipalities, the Swedish Center Against Violent Extremism invited them to a "knowledge day" about ISIS returnees on April 24. The purpose was to "provide support to the municipalities that have received or will be receiving returning children and adults from areas previously controlled by the Islamic State". The municipalities involved are those where the ISIS terrorists had lived before being recruited to ISIS.

The government affirms the rights of returning terrorists. A terrorism expert begs to differ:

According to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, returning ISIS terrorists have a "right", as Swedish citizens, to return to Sweden. Löfven claimed that it would be against the Swedish constitution to strip them of their citizenship, but that those who had committed crimes would be prosecuted. Swedish terrorism expert, Magnus Ranstorp, though, has warned Sweden against taking back not only ISIS terrorists, but also their wives and children, who, he said, also pose a security risk:

"The women are not innocent victims, and there is also a large group of ISIS children... From the age of eight or nine, they have been sent to indoctrination camps where they have learned close combat techniques and how to handle weapons. Some of them have learned how to kill... their identities will forever be linked to their time with ISIS, and the fact that they have an ISIS father or an ISIS mother."

As I said, Sweden is committing cultural suicide. Kiss that nation good-bye.


UbuMaccabee said...

Cesare Borgia demonstrates through the example of Ramiro d'Orco what is to be done and how to do it. All that remains is for the men of Sweden to find their inner Norseman and carry out the particulars--in their own inimitable style, of course. Their message will find the intended audience.

Anonymous said...

Stuart -

In self-defense, should we start weapons training for our children before 8 years of age?

After all, "A gun in the hand is worth two cops on the phone."

- shoe

Anonymous said...

"should we start weapons training for our children before 8 years of age"

To other 'anonymous', you probably outta do that. I keep telling this to parents with kids but they think guns are only good if the criminals and cops have them.

sestamibi said...

What you mean "cultural", kimosabe?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

All United States citizens should train with guns, as much as possible. Society gains massively from marksmanship.

To this end, I recommend ammunition purchases be tax-deductible, up to $500. That would cover about half of most pistol/handgun ammunition for a year, shooting 150 rounds per month. Check ammo prices, but my estimate is this tax benefit covers for a good chunk of practice ammo. My experience tells me generally that’s what’s required to stay sharp. What’s the harm in making people more accurate at what they shoot? Rifle ammunition is more expensive, but not a problem with the deductibility limits I suggest.

We should be a nation of marksmen, always. That’s always made us successful in wartime, and increased vigilance in peacetime.

Shooting well is the natural consequence of expending ammunition to evaluate and improve accuracy. The majority of citizens will not spend this sum if they don’t have an incentive to do it. It’s a self-enforcing tax benefit that supports a larger national goal: marksmanship.

Then we don’t end up helpless sheep, like the Swedes.

Now, good luck getting my proposal through the patrician loons in the U.S. Congress. They’ll let your write off 100% of your “investment” in a private plane, but not in publian ammunition sales. How quaint.

UbuMaccabee said...

Anon, for decent gentiles, I recommend Krav Maga at 8, but for decent Jews, I recommend 5 or 6. As anyone with a simple Google search is aware, Krav Maga is inherently about self-preservation, so the use of weapons is pretty much baked in. It’s an effective system that will reward the investment, not an ornamental waste of time. Training with sidearms can begin when the parents think the child is mature enough to handle them properly. I had a .22 when I was 10–pistol and rifle.

For indecent people, I recommend calling the authorities or telling your assailant a joke to reduce tension.

For European Jews I recommend getting out of Europe now. Right now.

I hope that clears this up for you, assuming you were asking in good faith, which I do not think you were.

Anonymous said...

Ubu, for your comments quite possibly is the main reason I read this blog. I imagine your close circle of friends includes militant Israelis, but please correct my assumption if it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ubu, my question was in good faith,
but I wouldn't ask our host to arbitrate that sort of life or death life path.

I accept that my wife and I have to come to terms with that privately for our children.

Thank you for your observations.

- shoe