Friday, June 28, 2019

Eroding Your Freedom to Choose

Free to choose… however it's applied, we all believe, as an article of secular and religious faith, that we have the right to exercise our freedom. We are free to vote as we wish. We are free to live where we want. We enjoy freedom of association… with friends and even lovers. We are free to choose our spouses. 

So, you would think that we are free to choose with whom we socialize and whom we date. You would be wrong. Thanks to a dimwitted psychologist named Karen Blair, writing in Psychology Today (via The Federalist and Maggie’s Farm) people are making a big mistake in choosing whom to date… and presumably in choosing whom to marry.

For reasons that psychologist Blair cannot fathom, men and women, called cisgendered in the woke vocabulary, are unjustly refusing to date transgendered individuals. Somehow or other your son does not want to date an individual who has XY chromosomes but who declares him/herself to be a woman.

Now, obviously, according to the psycho theorists, your son has a problem. We will need a massive propaganda effort to persuade him to change his dating preferences. You will note that we already have a massive amount of propaganda directed toward producing transgenderism. About that, no problem. About your son’s heterosexuality… he’s a bigot.

Now, that solves the problem, right. And you have lost a little more of your freedom.

Blair explains her research:

Imagine for a moment that you were to find yourself looking for a new partner at some point in the near future. Perhaps you would turn to a popular dating app and begin filling out your dating profile in hopes of finding "the one." In the process of doing so, you'd likely be asked to indicate your gender and the genders of others that you would be interested in dating. Under these hypothetical circumstances, which of the following people would you consider as a potential dating partner (check all that apply):
  • a cisgender1 woman
  • a cisgender man
  • a transgender woman
  • a transgender man
  • a person with a non-binary gender identification
Recently, my colleague and I asked this question of just under 1,000 participants and we published our findings in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Our results indicated that 87.5% of the participants who were asked this very question only checked off the cisgender options and excluded transgender and non-binary individuals from their hypothetical dating pool.

Given the extent of the propagandizing about gender identity you would think that the propagandists would have had greater success in persuading people that chromosomes matter less than belief. Apparently, when it comes to choosing a prom date or choosing who to spend Spring Break with, biology still retains pride of place.

Blair does not really consider the social consequences that will befall your son if he shows up at the prom with Caitlyn Jenner on his arm.

You will note that Blair never considers the feelings of anyone but the trans community. She understands, as most trans people do, and as trans people have themselves explained, that transitioning is most likely lead to being shunned socially. As for whether or not a man will date a trans woman… be serious.

It's really not an inconsequential question. For many of my trans friends, the question of whether or not someone will date them after they transition or come out often weighs heavily on their mind. After all, relationships are one of our most important sources of social support. Indeed, our relationships play an important role in our overall mental and physical well-being and our relationships are a better predictor of how long we'll live than smoking or obesity! But, if very few people are willing to date trans people, what does this mean for their health and well-being? 

As it happens, a very large majority of the children who believe themselves to be transgendered change their minds upon reaching puberty. Now, however, transgender activists want them to be shot up with puberty blocking hormones-- thus, mutilated and sterilized-- the better to ensure that they will not be free to choose to embrace their chromosomal truth.

Being mentally challenged herself Blair wants to know why people make these decisions:

The published study did not ask participants for the reasons behind their responses, so future research is needed in order to understand more about what leads to inclusion or exclusion. For example, some may only want to date people whom they can procreate with (although, we don't usually request proof of fertility from prospective partners who are cisgender), others may not fully understand what a trans identity means or entails within a dating relationship, and some may hold negative views towards the transgender community. 

Blair is so completely brainwashed that she imagines that anyone who does not want to date a transgender individual has a problem. And she wants to do research to figure out why your son refuses to date the transgendered. We know where this is leading: he is eventually going to be deprived of his freedom to choose. The State, such as it is, will soon be arranging relationships and marriages that include the transgendered.

Blair thinks that insight and education-- that is, indoctrination-- will solve a problem that is not really a problem:

Improving general knowledge and understanding concerning the diversity of gender identities and what each identity means may go a long way in increasing inclusion. Furthermore, increasing accurate media representations of trans and non-binary people, as well as finding ways to increase contact may also be promising, as other research has found that contact with, and additional knowledge about, transgender individuals can effectively reduce trans prejudice

By her reasoning, anyone who refuses to date a transgender individual is, ipso facto, a bigot.

Blair does pay lip service to freedom… while she is trying to figure out how to reduce yours:

Ultimately, each individual has the freedom to decide whom they date or are interested in dating, and thus this research does not attempt to make any statements concerning whom an individual should date or consider dating. At the same time, however, understanding the extent to which trans individuals are excluded from the realm of dating can serve as a benchmark for where society currently stands with respect to including trans and non-binary individuals. 

Of course, Blair offers not a single word about the concerted effort to produce transgendered individuals. She does not question whether this is good or bad. And she does not ask whether the transgendered need help themselves. Her pathetic efforts prove Camille Paglia’s point, that this signals cultural collapse.

To ensure that you think clearly about the extent of the bigotry, The Federalist offers a picture of a trans female... now, tell me, how happy you be if your son brought her home?


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone will eventually sue for discrimination against transvestites as it is not included on their list of gender as far as I can tell; for psychological damages before they add it to their list.

They also discriminated against any person that self-identifies as an animal gender: buck, doe, drake, bull, mare, sow, nanny-goat, bitch, whatever.

Can hardly believe that this is a real thing.

UbuMaccabee said...

I am disappointed that 13% said they would date a transsexual. We need to whittle that down to .01%. Life is short and the work is long.

trigger warning said...

This is an absolutely delightful video from BBC on this topic, remarkable for its utter cluelessness...

As far as I'm concerned, finding out the "hard way" that some hipless skank you've picked up is a man should be an affirmative defense for GBH.

sestamibi said...

"For example, some may only want to date people whom they can procreate with (although, we don't usually request proof of fertility from prospective partners who are cisgender),"

Karen obviously doesn't understand the difference between "necessary" and "sufficient".


Yes, I picked up on that too. 13%! Really twisted!!!

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

This is all ridiculous. And Blair is serious, which is ridiculous,

Collectivists don’t believe in freedom of choice. Just ask them.

The seriousness of all this lies in the legal theory of “disparate impact.” Once that is weaponized by the collectivists, we are all screwed.

The Obama Administration was working on — and Hillary was likely to continue — Federal information collection for the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing database under HUD, as a means to reshape America in an Orwellian demographic statistical balancing act.i encourage you all to read about this. Here is a 2015 article from the New York Post:

With this information, there is all kinds of social engineering that could be accomplished. Blair’s research is a clarion call to “do something!” — which us what the Left loves to do most.


Sam L. said...

The weird are insufficiently weird, even when they try their hardest.

Sandra M. Lopes said...

Uh... I guess I ought to be 'honoured' that you've used one of my old pics to illustrate your article, but please respect its terms of licensing (CC BY-ND 2.0) — in other words, feel free to use my picture to illustrate your opinion on transgender people, but at least don't forget to do a proper attribution (see how The Federalist does it — just a link would be fine).

As for Blair's article, I can only comment that she's doing more harm than good with the way she worded some of the results and conclusions... as a professional scientific researcher, she should most certainly not let her political activism interfere with her science, lest she will not be taken seriously, both in the scientific community but in the 'world at large'.

Forcing people to date transgender people just because they are discriminated is most definitely not the best way to deal with the issue, IMNSHO...