Sunday, June 2, 2019

Training to Be a Therapist

Now that she has finished her training, Samantha X is ready to be a therapist.

What was her training?

As she tells it, she trained to be a therapist by working as a very highly paid escort. As she put it:

'I've always said being an escort is like being an overpaid psychologist,' she told

'I figured I've spent the best part of seven years listening to the woes of CEOs with their clothes off, and now it's time to do it clothes-on.'

Samantha said she had already advised men and women on all types of topics, from how to repair a broken marriage to spicing up the couple's sex lives.

Her advice to couples: talk about it. She does not explain why her clients do not bare their souls to real therapists or why they prefer talking to an escort who charges $1,000 an hour.

As it happens, she is still doing some work as an escort. She prefers a gradual transition into her new field. We wish her all the best.

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Cheryl said...

LOL, That's called baring your soul.eryl