Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hijab Wars in Iran

Calling Jacinda Ardern. You recall that the dimwitted virtue signalling prime minister of New Zealand was widely praised for donning a hijab after a terrorist opened fire in a Christchurch mosque, killing 51 and injuring dozens more.

But then, Iranian feminists rejected Ardern’s virtue signalling. After all, they have no right to remove their hijab, lest they be arrested, imprisoned and tortured. They see the hijab as an instrument of female oppression. They are having none of it.

Now, the Daily Mail reports on what happened to Iranian women who were caught not wearing the hijab:

This is the shocking moment a woman without a hijab is savagely dragged away by security forces in Iran after she and her friends were caught playing with a water pistol.

Footage posted by Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, which was shot at an unknown location in the country, shows a confrontation between several officers and a group of girls.

In the footage uniformed officers can be seen standing around a police car as they attempt to detain a woman.

And also:

The country's morality police have frequently made headlines for arresting women who decline to wear Islamic headdress. 

Only last month, clashes broke out at Tehran University amid anger over the enforcement of Islamic laws which force female students to wear a headscarf. 

Students claimed that Iran's religious police and security forces had entered the campus to warn female students that they had to obey the hijab laws. 

There’s an ongoing struggle in Iran over the hijab. One would think that Western female leaders would take it into account before they indulged in virtue signalling.

Tehran University students protest Iran’s mandatory hijab law

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