Monday, October 19, 2020

France Reacts to Islamist Terrorism

Leave it to the New York Times.  When a French schoolteacher was decapitated by a Muslim fanatic, the Times led with this headline: 

French Police Kill a Man after Fatal Knife Attack on the Street.

The story told us that the French authorities believed the man to be an Islamist terrorist. But, more sensitive to Islamophobia than to the death of a school teacher, the paper obscured the story in the headline.

The teacher was murdered because he dared-- hold your breath-- to show some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in his classroom. For those who do not know, Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine. 

You recall that several years ago other Islamists murdered a dozen members of Charlie Hebdo for the crime of having run the cartoons.

You will also recall that the French police did not read the terrorists their rights. They did not read the most recent Islamist murderer his rights. They shot them on the spot.

The Times has another agenda. As you see in its headline, the important point is to shift the blame to the police and to obscure the fact that the police were killing a cold blooded murderer. One who refused to surrender.

In today’s woke world, the fault lies with the police, not with criminals-- no matter what.

It reminds you of the Obama days, when the president refused to denounce Islamist terrorism or to condemn anti-Semitic murderers-- who opened fire in a kosher supermarket.

Evidently, the president of France has more courage and more fortitude than the New York Times. By now, French authorities have arrested a dozen or so other co-conspirators, associates of the murderer. The people who identified the teacher are now being charged with felonies.

According to the Israeli website Debkafile, Emmanuel Macron is also cracking down on Islamists:

President Emmanuel Macron has ordered a sweeping crackdown on radical foreigners following the brutal beheading of a teacher on Friday in an Islamist terrorist attack. “Islamists will not sleep peacefully in France,” he told a defense council meeting on Monday. Minister of Interior Gerald Darmarin has listed for expulsion 231 foreigners red-flagged under the anti-terrorism alert law. They include 180 already behind bars and 51 about to be arrested. Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco will be offered deals to take back their Islamist nationals.

When a certain American political party looks weak in contrast with the French, it’s time to start a little self-reflection.


David Foster said...

The tolerance of the endless threats and violence by radical Islamists has greatly contributed toward the inhibition of free speech...'better not say that or they'll blow you up'...which attitudes have spread widely beyond their original source.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Good and important point. Thanks.

Sam L. said...

One could say the "radical Islamists" could be replaced by "radical Democrats"...

JeffG said...

There is no such thing as "Radical Islam". Islam is Islam, and the NYT is an Islamist publication.

Sam L. said...

It's the NYT, which I despise, detest and totally distrust. (The WaPoo, too!)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

All this influx of islamic immigration into Europe is a modern day Trojan Horse.