Thursday, October 1, 2020

Michele Dauber-- a Useless Idiot's White Penis Envy

I, among others, was heartened to see Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman, an anti-Trump impeachment witness, defend the sterling qualifications of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett possesses a great mind, she has a spectacularly good record, she is eminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. In truth, she is far more capable than most of the candidates that recent Democratic presidents have placed on the court. Link here.

But then, just when you thought that the black clouds were lifting and that some rays of light were breaking through, we discover a decidedly unpleasant reminder of the level of intellectual destitution that has infected the American educational system.

Noah Feldman stood up and manifested integrity. For his pains he received an absurd, barely literate broadside from a useless idiot named Michele Dauber. You might know that this decidedly undistinguished ranter, who doubtless owes her position to either a diversity quota or ideological conformity, teaches at Stanford Law School.

Paul Mirenghoff tells all at the Powerline blog (via Maggie’s Farm). As it happens, Mirenghoff himself graduated from Stanford Law. For those who share that distinction-- now become lesser-- he recommends that they cease contributing to the school. The only real way that some of these schools will reform their hiring practices will be to shut off the money flow.

In her Twitter stream, Dauber called Feldman a “worthless shitty white man.” How do you spell bigotry? And whatever makes Dauber thinks that she is anything but worthless. After all, there are no diversity quotas for white men-- ergo, by the logic of the argument, Dauber must be very insecure about how she got her position.

As you recall, Feldman suggested that, among those who were clerking at the Supreme Court during his time, he was most impressed by Amy Coney and one Jenny Martinez. As it happened, everyone was impressed by both Coney and Martinez. Coney, now Barrett, is heading for the Supreme Court. Martinez is the dean of Stanford Law School.

To Dauber Feldman’s praise of these two women means that he is a suckup. And not in the good sense of the term.

She tweeted:

I am stupid and get women to do my homework for me. Yet because of my white penis I had a job I apparently admit I did not deserve.

Projection, anyone? Does the decidedly undistinguished Dauber feel that she is a diversity appointment? Does she feel threatened by people who are manifestly more intelligent than she? And whatever does she mean by "white penis" privilege? Shouldn't we expect more from a law professor at a world class law school? Scratch that-- if Stanford continues to coddle useless idiots like Michele Dauber it's reputation will start dropping like a stone.

Better yet, at a time when we are yearning for a return to decorum and propriety, how does it happen that someone who is supposedly a thought leader can allow herself such an intemperate rant, a tantrum worthy of an adolescent? 

Then again, having therefore fully embarrassed herself, Dauber will undoubtedly blame it all on Trump? Because that’s what the American left does. They have no shame about their own behavior, but are happy to shift the blame to others.

As of now, Dauber's undistinguished career will be forever defined by her white penis envy.

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Sam L. said...

Leftists got to Left. Man-haters got to hate men. As Mr. T often said, "I pity da fools."